Flash floods are short-term inundations of small areas such as a town or parts of a city, usually by tributaries and creeks.
Because flood risk is the result of both environmental and societal factors, it is difficult to single out the impact of climate variations. Much of the information above comes from Midwest Flood of 1993: Weather, Climate, and Societal Impacts, by Roger Pielke, Jr.
Flash floods are the most dangerous kind of floods, because they combine the destructive power of a flood with incredible speed and unpredictability. Flash flooding or flooding has been reported or is imminent - take necessary precautions at once! Flooding of small streams, streets and low-lying areas, such as railroad underpasses and urban storm drains is occurring. What we do: In order to evaluate the forecasting tools, we need observations of flash flooding.
Check with your local floodplain administrator to determine if you live in a flood-prone area.
Consider installing check valves in building sewer traps to prevent flood waters from backing up in sewer drains.
Flood damage to vehicles is covered by auto insurance when comprehensive coverage is purchased.

If indoors, turn on a battery-powered radio or NOAA Weather Radio to get the latest emergency information. Before entering a flood-damaged building, check the foundation for cracks and inspect porch roofs and overhangs to be sure they are adequately supported. Winter storms can generate coastal flooding, ice jams and snow melt, which can result in significant flood damage and loss of life. The floods affected more than 11,000 people, with 153 houses completely destroyed and 849 houses damaged. Flash floods caused by heavy rain killed 40 people in North Korea’s northeastern border area over the weekend, the International Federation of the Red Cross said today. The floods affected more than 11,000 people, with 153 houses completely destroyed and 849 houses damaged, it said, adding its report was based on information provided by North Korean authorities.
Decades of deforestation and the decrepit infrastructure have left it vulnerable to floods. Floods can happen during heavy rains, when ocean waves come on shore, when snow melts too fast, or when dams or levees break.
Flash floods occur when excessive water fills normally dry creeks or river beds along with currently flowing creeks and rivers, causing rapid rises of water in a short amount of time. Embankments, known as levees, are often built along rivers and are used to prevent high water from flooding bordering land.

NSSL has assembled flash flood observations from USGS automated discharge measurements, trained spotter reports from the NWS, and from NSSL's Severe Hazards Analysis and Verification Experiment (SHAVE).
Do not strike a match or use open flame when entering a building unless you know the gas has been turned off and the area ventilated. While river flooding typically occurs slowly, allowing more time to take protective measures, extreme flash flooding or a breakup of an ice jam along a river can produce more rapid river rises. Not usually life-threatening on its own, but can be, if motorists drive through a flooded roadway or children play near a storm drain or drainage ditch. Flooding may happen with only a few inches of water, or it may cover a house to the rooftop. In 1993, many levees failed along the Mississippi River, resulting in devastating flash floods. The city of New Orleans experienced massive devastating flooding days after Hurricane Katrina came onshore in 2005 due to the failure of levees designed to protect the city. Melting snowpack may also contribute to flash floods produced by ice jams on creeks and rivers.

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