Tickets to see the fireflies at a designated viewing area are sold in advance, and shuttle buses are provided during the display period. The Great Smoky Mountains National Park was once thought to be the only place where you can see synchronous fireflies in North America, and it remains the best known. Congaree National Park is located in South Carolina and probably one of the least known areas for synchronous fireflies in North America.
Synchronous fireflies are very rare—but their spectacles are stunning and worth the effort it takes to seek them out. If your a female firefly, the evening can be quite confusing when many different fireflies species are flashing all at the same time.

There are recent efforts in Asia to save mangrove habitat to preserve the spectacle of synchronous fireflies there. Around 150 million years ago, the very first fireflies flew during the daytime and didn’t light up. The chemical that makes fireflies light up first evolved as a warning sign to ward off predators — and it tastes terrible.
But in 2012, a colony of these fireflies was found in Pennsylvania’s only national forest—one that’s being heavily logged and cleared for gas drilling. In the summer of 2015, an abundant population of these fireflies was found in the Oak Ridge WMA forests.

Synchronous species of fireflies are very special—and they exist only in a handful of places throughout the world. For two weeks in late May and early June the fireflies in Congaree will blink in unison on evenings with the right weather conditions.
The habitat of Congaree is also slightly more unique than others with synchronous fireflies in that it's more swampy and known as an "old growth floodplain forest".

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