FARE recommends that parents of children with food allergies create, in collaboration with their school, a written food allergy management plan.
Through great preparation and communication, we were able to create a plan that addressed these concerns. I relied heavily on FARE’s resources when working with my daughter’s school to prepare her accommodation and care plan.
Air travel can be particularly stressful for individuals and families managing food allergies because they do not have access to emergency medical care and airline policies on accommodations can be hard to find or inconsistently applied. If you suspect a severe food allergy reaction or anaphylaxis, take immediate action, consistent with your school’s food allergy management emergency response protocol.

This page explains the federal civil rights law related to providing accommodations for students, and how to begin the process of creating a plan for your child. Explain that your child’s decisions and behaviors are a part of the prevention plan, but that others are also working to protect him or her. Wallin stated, “While school administrator support and leadership is critical, managing food allergies in school is a team effort.” All members of the school community, including parents, health care providers, and school personnel need to know how to help students with food allergies be safe, supported, and included at school. The Airline Access to Emergency Epinephrine Act, (S.1972) was championed by FARE and a coalition of patient advocacy groups.
I make a point to let her know about my communication with the school staff and explain to her that we have developed a thorough plan to keep her safe.

One day, they will be adults navigating an allergen-filled world without us planning their every move (and meal).

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