Command Concepts - makers of The Command Board portable incident management tool for Police, Fire, Military, First Responders and more. The Command Board is a portable, NIMS Compliant ICS management tool that sets up in less than a minute to organize an on-the-spot command, facilitating quick decision making information, management of resources and strategic planning in any emergency situation. If you have ever responded to the scene of a critical incident and have experienced the chaotic, confusing, disorganized and rapidly changing dynamics of a command post, you’ll understand the compelling need for The Command Board! For first responders, their emergency response vehicle usually becomes a mobile incident command post . The center of command is also identified using a flag and lighting that is clearly visible above any other vehicle.
They knew all too well the challenges of setting up a mobile command post with the changing seasons of Eastern Pennsylvania. Bumperchute also provides a variety of incident command management products to aid in quick set up of the command zone. Since the command area required opening the rear doors, it was necessary for their department to find a protective device not only for the command area but for the personnel operating the command post.

The Command Board comes with our ready for the field packages.All Command Boards come with packages for your discipline.
The Command Board is used by many state, federal and local law enforcement agencies, fire departments, military units, schools and corporations throughout the United States. There is only one incident command post, however other vehicles may be used as satellite support centers. If an emergency SUV needs additional shelter to protect radios, computer equipment and, in many cases, a fax machine and copier that can also be achieved. They implemented this type of light weight portable command post shelter for their vehicles which has proven to be the perfect solution. As a police officer, sherif, fireman or EMS responder chances are pretty high that you're going to be first on the scene at an incident.
This equipment has been tested by professionals and has won high praise for it's unique compact and easy to stow mobility along with it's simple set up that allows emergency responders to quickly set up clearly marked positions with shelter that extends 3 to 4 feet beyond the rear of the vehicle. Over the past 10 years fire departments, specifically, have shown an increased interest in using specialized command units to deal with major incidents and weather conditions.

The Incident Command System was developed by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to provide first responders such as police, fire and emergency medical services (EMS) with a guide to managing an incident and establishing cooperation and coordination of all agencies involved. Any first responder department can use these specially fitted, light weight add-ons to turn a first response vehicle into a complete mobile command post to improve operations in adverse conditions.
Their command vehicle is a custom SUV in which the rear area of the vehicle was designed as a mobile command post.
Mobile Incident Command Post Products for Incident Command VehiclesTailgate Command Post Canopies and Equipment for Police, Fire and First RespondersDesigning tailgate canopies for emergency responder vehicles since 2002.
This makes it essential for any emergency truck, SUV or even police car to be able to support the coordination efforts for an incident scene.

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