When a disaster occurs, hospitals must remain operational to support patients and staff so it is critical that they are built to withstand natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods. By many accounts, the 1992 hurricane season in South Florida was a major turning point in how building codes would adapt to address natural disasters. Hospitals are required by code to describe how they plan to stay open in a disaster through their Disaster Preparedness Plan. State and local building inspectors also become an important part by enforcing a hospital’s Disaster Preparedness Plan through their review of the documentation and construction inspections. Much like South Florida in 1992; New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts are the latest areas of the country to realize the importance of natural disaster preparedness.

View The Importance of Disaster Preparedness Plan on Walter Communications' Favorite Posts of the Week Here. For facilities, providing access to a reliable emergency power source, particularly during unstable weather conditions, is a critical, necessary part of an overall energy master plan. Preventing healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) at hospitals and clinics has become very important in the facility management world, particularly over the past two years. It’s that time of year again when stormy weather plays a disproportionately larger role in the disaster preparedness planning facilities managers do for their health facilities. A Disaster Preparedness Plan becomes a tool that allows a collective effort between hospitals, architects, engineers and building officials to design facilities that can not only weather a storm, but also function properly and efficiently immediately afterwards.

Specialized architects and engineers work with the Hospital to provide the infrastructure to meet the requirements of the Plan.

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