Social collaboration platforms in the enterprise are giving employees more power and more perks. Along with this right to choose how to collaborate, or at least make their preferences known to higher-ups, employees should get the most personally relevant content through social platforms, Lepofsky said. To avoid the problem of information overload, which is bad for the business as well as the individual, the most relevant data should flow to the right people, he said. As for the hapless employee frantically monitoring daily activity streams, Lepofsky tells them not to sweat it too much. I highly recommend that you read the full report on the impact of collaboration as there are several other key points of interest that are worth reading. With multiple channels open in a single place, employees with varying backgrounds, skillsets and quite simply, different personal preferences, will be able to choose how they collaborate. I wonder too if even the percentage of technology making a difference is influenced at all by surveying the CTOs and CEOs, etc.

Marketing fiasco that have occurred in past due to lack of focus given to cross cultural issue while going global have been described in brief here. Collaboration starts with a conversation, and the latter takes many forms in a social media platform: activity streams and forums, video conferencing, telephony and instant messaging, among others. Having a single place through which all communications pass (and are recorded in some form or other) is going to make the new workplace far more transparent. Many have put it down to age: older workers are simply more comfortable with older technology, they say. Companies can and should perform analytics on the use of their social business platform to gauge its appeal, a form of internal sentiment analysis, said Lepofsky.
Engagement is listening to the people who work for you, asking them how they can be more productive and collaborative using social media, he added.
Empirical evidence easily trumps presumption, and analytics will tell you a lot more than that your millenials enjoy instant messaging while the old guard prefers phone calls.

He acknowledged the anxiety that can come from following activity streams every day, which are a backbone of the system. Going back along the social media chain, the hospital will find the broken link and act accordingly. But just as educators came to realize that students learn (and thus, achieve more) in different ways, enterprises have learned they need to give employees a larger toolbox of collaboration tools and let them pick their favourite.

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