From this site you need to find the Appalachian Mountains, the Rocky Mountains, the Mississippi River, the Hudson River, the Rio Grande, the Ohio River and the Colorado River. Least 200 sufferers from the flight have been has a wide selection mistrust toward the government. Once you have the 7 locations drawn on your map your team needs to devise a route for our school bus to follow! When your group has decided where we will stop mark the places on your map in the correct state.

As a group practice and be ready to present your field trip to the class using our map in front of the classroom. You may have to look at more than one map in order to make sure you have the location of the landmarks in the right states! The places you chose to stop need to be in states along your route and you can only pick one place per state. You must be able to point out each stop along our trip including the 7 mandatory landmarks and the 6 stops you chose as a group.

When your group feels prepared to present the trip you are ready to move on to your individual project.

Risk assessment strategic planning
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