Every spring for the past half decade Miami baseball reaches this familiar point of erosion. Morris entered this season with an 850-344-3 and has without a doubt solidified himself as UM legend; the second-best baseball coach this program has seen behind the once-in-a-lifetime Ron Fraser.
Where Omaha was once synonymous with Miami baseball, there’s been an all-time drought for this program, with getting to the College World Series becoming almost as hard as winning the whole thing was, back in the day.
The Bulldogs wound up scoring four and a shell-shocked Hurricanes bunch entered the bottom of the ninth three down and unable to do anything, marking the first time in forty-six attempts that the Hurricanes lost a game with an eighth inning lead. Riled up fans have been anti-Morris for a while now, which is understandable – and based on what looked like a two- or three-year skid now turning into a half decade of mediocre baseball, it gets harder annually to argue with their sentiment.

Football can dole out 85 full scholarships annually, while baseball is limited to a paltry 11.7, with partial scholarships oft given.
Even with a partial scholarship, the family of a baseball player at UM can still be responsible for upwards of $30K annually to send their kid to school, versus state schools like Florida or Florida State at a fraction of that cost. CaneSport’s Jim Martz also pointed out that these are the worst numbers the Hurricanes have put up at the plate in forty-two years. Morris has run this baseball program since Dennis Erickson said goodbye, Butch Davis rebuilt, Larry Coker won and lost, Randy Shannon face-planted and Golden was handed the keys.
Change for the sake of change is never the answer and UM’s next baseball hire could be just as important as the Fraser or Morris hirings based on the current state of college baseball.

Bob DelahuntP, 3BJoined the Hurricanes as a free agent acquisition in mid-2012.Voted to All Star team that year and again in 2013.

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