Martin O’Dowd, President of Hurricane Grill & Wings discussed the company’s rapid growth and what is in store for the brand in the future.
Named by USA Today as one of “10 Great Places to Wing It,” Hurricane Grill & Wings’ menu items are cooked fresh to order with high quality ingredients and zero trans fats. Other menu options range from the world famous garlic & parmesan fries, salads to fresh, never frozen Certified Angus Steak Burgers and Grilled Mahi-Mahi along with a full bar and line-up of craft beers and wine. Our franchise partners are also involved in 18 other national brands, as well as Hurricane. Hurricane Grill & Wings is also an approved member of the United States Small Business Administration and our documents conform to meet all of their requirements. AHWATUKEE - Walking through the front doors of Hurricane Grill and Wings' newest Phoenix location is like stepping out onto a beach that lines Florida's coast.Although technically there is no sandy beach, you will see circular orange floatation rings on the wall, brightly-colored surfboard tables, beach-themed wooden signs, and a large shack that houses the bar.

As Hurricane Grill & Wings is a young emerging company, we have a variety of ways to satisfy the franchise buyer. Upon finding a great franchise partner and location, we rely on the excellence of our food, the diversity of our over 30 sauces and rubs, always fresh jumbo wings and Angus burgers and a full palate of flavors to bring our guests back again and again. The Denver-based Fortus Group, which opened the Littleton location, has plans for an eleven-unit franchise development -- that's a lot of wings. For the area franchisee who has maximized use of his territory, Hurricane Grill & Wings can be a great addition to the skill set they already have in their organization. Add your favorite sauce, rub or glaze to any item on our menu, including our famous wings, and create a whole new flavor sensation.
Hurricane Grill & Wings currently has three key partnerships to assist our franchisees.

In the last two years, Hurricane has attracted franchisees who are currently in the business, but are seeking to attain an additional brand for expansion purposes.
Participants in the "Ridiculously Hot" wing-eating contest during the grand-opening celebration at Hurricane Grill & Wings.

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