Tropical Storm Erika may not be a devastating event, but it's never too early to think about what hurricane supplies you should have on hand. Supplies: Garbage bags and ties, paper towels, wipes, fuel (charcoal, lighter fluid, matches) or a full propane tank for the grill, hand sanitizer.
From the different categories to what to have on hand, this infographic gives some key information about hurricane preparedness. Scroll through these pages for some tips on how to best prepare for and deal with hurricanes. If you follow these tips and assemble your emergency hurricane survival kit now, you’ll be sure to keep your family safe in the event of a hurricane. This storm-preparation checklist, updated for 2012, was developed by a team of our editors who have endured and covered more than a dozen hurricanes.

This storm-preparation checklist, updated for 2012, was developed by a team of our editors who have endured and covered more than a dozen hurricanes.In making the list, the team members drew on their own experiences, as well as advice from the National Hurricane Center, American Red Cross, National Weather Service, the state emergency management agencies for Alabama and Mississippi, and other sources. This could be helpful for restocking and periodically checking to make sure everything is still accounted for in your kit.
As such, it is imparitive for your safety to keep a well stocked emergency kit in your home, and your car. These emergency kits should contain supplies that would would most likely need for a power outage or a hurricane emergency.
This hurricane kit is designed to keep you comfortable and safe for when the power goes out. Some of the supplies we strongly suggest for home are first aid supplies, lighting like a flashlight or battery operated lantern and a radio.

In general, don't buy food that your family won't eat regularly - it'll still be in the cupboard for hurricane season 2010.
If you are interested in obtaining flood insurance, call your agent or check the website for a list of participating companies.
Schedule any roof repairs, and to talk with a builder or home improver about installing hurricane straps and clips if you lack them.
If you are thinking of buying hurricane shutters, generators or chain saws, this is an excellent time to get that done.

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