Below are resources to assist residents of the 2nd Congressional District and Southeast Texans during hurricane season. While many people were panicking and spending all their available cash on supplies, we were comforted knowing that we didn’t need to join the rush and that we were well prepared. I moved from tornado alley and today I live in a hurricane zone which took a major hit in 2004. For those in hurricane areas: December first, remove your food that will expire in the next six months.

With hurricane memories still fresh, I have gone through our supplies this past weekend to take a little inventory. Tropical Storm Erika may not be a devastating event, but it's never too early to think about what hurricane supplies you should have on hand. Supplies: Garbage bags and ties, paper towels, wipes, fuel (charcoal, lighter fluid, matches) or a full propane tank for the grill, hand sanitizer. I live in Nebraska so no hurricanes, but we do have our share of tornado’s and snow storms.

If you live in a hurricane prone area, you are entering peak hurricane season and need to take action.
In general, don't buy food that your family won't eat regularly - it'll still be in the cupboard for hurricane season 2010.

Preparing for a tornado at work
Physical map of the us worksheet
Prepare home for emergency


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