We're used to seeing hurricane-battered beaches and flooded cities in Florida, North Carolina, and the Gulf Coast. Homeowners dodge Sandy deductibles, face other costsExcerpt:(Reuters) - When the National Hurricane Center declared Sandy a "post-tropical storm" just before it made landfall, a lot of homeowners across New Jersey, New York, Connecticut and Maryland may have saved a lot of money. Hurricane Sandy is threatening the Eastern Seaboard, and meteorologists are predicting no mercy from the Category 1 storm’s rain and winds. But to see these images from the Jersey Shore and New York City in the wake of Hurricane Sandy is a shocking experience. That means homeowners in Connecticut, New Jersey, New York and Maryland won't be on the hook for costly hurricane deductibles, and state officials are putting insurers on notice.
The governors of these states have told insurance companies that because the storm was not classified as a hurricane, the insurers can't enforce costly hurricane deductibles on storm-related claims. Apart from the water and wind damage, hurricanes have a history of knocking out the tech that keeps us going. New Jersey only rarely gets hit by hurricanes because it lies in a portion of the coast that doesn't stick out much, and is too far north. She was still an undisputed hurricane 24 hours out, so the warning should have been issued as such.

A well-off person can decide that it's a good week to take a spontaneous vacation to San Francisco.
The climatologists were saying that a warming atmosphere will hold more moisture and this has a potential for stronger hurricanes.
We expect hurricanes to move from east to west in the tropics, where the prevailing trade winds blow that direction. Darwin on which the Beaufort scale firstly was used, including the grade hurricane force later commonly known as BF 12. Hurricanes that penetrate to about Florida's latitude usually get caught up in these westerly winds, and are whisked northeastwards, out to sea. Occam's Razor suggests to me that a lot of trees that have fallen have rotten hearts because they're weaker than healthy trees, and the reason so many trees have come down is that the US NE hasn't had many storms with high windspeeds over a large area -- certainly nothing like Sandy -- for decades. It is this sort of negatively tilted trough that sucked in Sandy and allowed the hurricane to take such an unusual path into New Jersey.Figure 1. According to Wikipedia, the Vagabond Hurricane caused heavy damage along the New Jersey coast ($180 million in 2006 dollars.) The hurricane killed 57 people, and endangered the life of President Theodore Roosevelt, who was sailing on a yacht near Long Island, NY, when the hurricane hit.
However, the Vagabond Hurricane hit in September, when the jet stream is typically weaker and farther to the north.

Richard Blackden sends in this picture and tells us sandbags have been deployed outside the doors of the Apple store.
It is quite extraordinary that Sandy was able to hit New Jersey in late October, when the jet stream is typically stronger and farther south, making recurvature to the northeast much more likely than in September.Figure 2. The path of the 1903 Vagabond Hurricane, the only other hurricane to hit New Jersey since 1851.The blocking ridge that steered Sandy into New JerseyA strong ridge of high pressure parked itself over Greenland beginning on October 20, creating a "blocking ridge" that prevented the normal west-to-east flow of winds over Eastern North America.
Jet stream winds at a pressure of 300 mb on October 29, 2012, as Hurricane Sandy approached the coast of New Jersey. Hurricane Sandy came out of the Caribbean late in the hurricane season, and its wind speeds are relatively weak by hurricane standards. As meteorologist Alex Sosnowski of AccuWeather put it: 'Sandy will not be your typical hurricane when it moves in from the southeast.
The New York Stock Exchange has announced it will close its physical trading floor for the first time since 1985 when Hurricane Gloria struck the east coast.

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