Healthcare workers at Bellevue and throughout the Northeast have done exceptional work in helping communities recover from Hurricane Sandy. The experience of Bellevue and other affected businesses may help improve hospital disaster recovery plans. LES Ready: Community Survey Underway to Create Emergency PlanToday, on the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Sandy, we have another installment of the LES Ready Guide. Lower East Side community organizations are circulating a survey on Hurricane Sandy, in order to ensure that important input from hundreds of neighborhood residents who survived the storm becomes part of a final plan to protect the Lower East Side the next time a disaster strikes.  At community meetings, workshops, and even at their doors, LES residents will get the chance to share their survival stories and ideas for improved emergency response.

Mercer County officials met to review their emergency response plan so that everyone would be coordinated and ready to act where necessary, spokeswoman Julie Willmot said.
With memories still fresh of the damage wreaked by Tropical Storm Irene last year, local officials spent yesterday working to mitigate possible damage from Hurricane Sandy as it threatened to drench the area next week. Equipment is being inspected and county trucks have been loaded with traffic barrels, light towers, pumps and emergency generators, officials said.
Preparing for all situations is key, Lambertville’s long-time emergency management coordinator David Burd said.

United Water spokesman Steve Goudsmith said yesterday that the dam was being inspected and the utility will have someone monitoring the water level throughout Sandy.

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