Let us help you face life's unpredictable situations with safety tips we've gathered from years of experience. Full of educational and seasonal information, our site will help you take care of your auto, home and safety needs. General Safety: Riders must ensure all personal belongings (mobile phone, bags etc) and articles of clothing (shoes, caps) do not dislodge during the course of the ride. Public Liability Insurance: The Hurricane ride is fully covered by $20 Million Public Liability Insurance.

Workplace Health and Safety: The Hurricane is registered with Queensland Workplace Health and Safety, which is recognised nationally.
Getting to know a hurricane on a first-name basis is no friendly task, as proven by hurricanes like Katrina and Irene. Our articles can help you reduce your risk and raise your awareness about situations that can affect your personal and online safety, including identity theft protection. Hurricanes inflict devastation from strong winds (including tornados), torrential rains and storm surges, which can lead to coastal flooding.

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