For information, call (727) 582-2150 or go to Pinellas County Animal Services, or contact the county where you live. If you haven't done so, consider having a micro-chip implanted for positive identification.
Offers us insight into what your greater every about black holes is that hurricane preparedness kit for pets continue to be a difficulty till we do have. If an evacuation order has been given, that means the Emergency Agency responsible for your area has determined that it's not safe for humans.

Pet owners who only consult adoption agencies for lost pets could be wasting valuable time, energy, and emotion.
Pinellas County animal services operations recommends that if you have to evacuate, pack up your pets and bring them with you. A large pasture is the safest place for these animals.Avoid barbed wire or boards that can loosen and get blown about, or even provide an escape route for your livestock. County shelters, such as animal services, Humane Society or the SPCA cannot take pets for safekeeping.

They are normally full with abandoned pets and may need to reserve space for pets found after the hurricane passes.
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