The rain just started and I'm sitting and looking out the window hoping this will be a quiet year for hurricanes. I read an article not long ago where they were considering giving Hurricanes Male names, as people weren't taking female ones as seriously as they should. Tropical Storm Bertha heading for Puerto Rico probably will become a hurricane by Tuesday or Wednesday. From the different categories to what to have on hand, this infographic gives some key information about hurricane preparedness.
Scroll through these pages for some tips on how to best prepare for and deal with hurricanes.
If you follow these tips and assemble your emergency hurricane survival kit now, you’ll be sure to keep your family safe in the event of a hurricane. Sandy is number 18 on a list of only 21 potential tropical cyclone names.Sandy prepares to make landfall on the Mid-Atlantic coast.

Hurricanes are beasts that roam the tropical oceans of our planet, proving harmless if they stay over open water, but deadly if they make landfall. Initially, storms were named arbitrarily, but over time meteorologists recognised that a more organised and efficient method was needed, leading to alphabetical lists being created.
Since 1953, Altantic hurricanes have been named using lists that were managed by the National Hurricane Center in Miami.
The current arrangement sees lists maintained and updated by an international committee of the World Meteorological Organization. The regions then decided for themselves a list of human names -- easily recognizable, culturally sensible -- to give to the tropical cyclones that would come crashing through their waters and lands. As it drifts west, if it encounters a favorable environment for development, it could blossom into a tropical storm or hurricane. Each list contains 21 potential names -- one for each letter in the alphabet, minus the rare letters of Q, U, X, Y, and Z.

And those are used in alphabetical order, from Alberto down to William.For 2012, "Sandy" is the 18th on the Atlantic region's list of potential tropical cyclone names.
But it also means that the alphabet, that quintessentially human technology, could be yet another thing being displaced by nature each hurricane season. If we use up the list of regionally specific names during this year's remaining hurricane season, we'll do what we did in 2005: We'll move from human names to non-human ones. We'll begin talking about Hurricane Alpha and Hurricane Beta and Hurricane Gamma.And whether we use up our name allotment or not, we can be pretty sure that the current storm will be the last-ever Hurricane Sandy.

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