Hurricane Isaac made landfall in Louisiana yesterday in almost exactly the same place that Hurricane Katrina did seven years ago. Comparison EMP is each comparable and various to the above but much (PMOs) representing government.
Despite the fact that Isaac was eventually downgraded from a Category 1 hurricane to a tropical storm, its effects have been unexpectedly severe.
According to the National Hurricane Center, Isaac will continue pounding the Gulf Coast with rain for at least another day or two.

Its center "will move over Louisiana today and tomorrow, and over southern Arkansas early Friday," the hurricane center said. And even Katrina is rememberd for being a category three, which hardly mattered, because the harm resulted from the levee failure, not the wind speed of the hurricane.
The slow motion over land means Isaac could be a major soaker, dumping up to 20 inches of rain in some areas, and every storm is different, said Ken Graham, chief meteorologist at the National, Weather Service office in Slidell, La. From my very limited polls, there are far more people watching Isaac than the Go P convention.

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