The Atlantic Ocean’s hurricane season peaks from mid-August to late October and averages five to six hurricanes per year. Did you know that cyclones and hurricanes derive their energy from warm ocean surfaces with temperatures of over 26°C.
There has been more debates over the past decade on the impact of global warming and climate change on the numbers and intensity of hurricanes and clycones.
Hurricane Sandy, a late-season post-tropical cyclone, swept through the Caribbean and up the East Coast of the United States in late October 2012.
At one point, Sandy's hurricane-force winds (at least 74 mph) extended up to 175 miles (280 kilometers) from its center and tropical storm-force winds (39 mph) out to 485 miles (780 km).

Hurricane Olga, another late-in-the-year storm, set the record in 2001, with tropical-force winds extending 600 miles (965 km). He gave brief non-political remarks and spent less than an hour collecting hurricane relief donations and loading them into a truck. Days before a tropical storm or hurricane that could impact drilling and production operations, companies evaluate to decide whether to evacuate workers and whether to relocate drillships to safe locations. When gasoline production is lost and demand surges, fuel prices sometimes rise – even in areas far from hurricane-affected states.
For more information on hurricane season, check out NOAA’s National Hurricane Center website, as well as pages that provide real-time monitoring for the Atlantic region and Eastern Pacific.

27, then gained strength again to become a Category 1 hurricane before turning north toward the U.S.
Industry standards have been developed to ensure the safety of workers on drilling rigs and platforms before and after a hurricane. API has assembled this fact sheet to help consumers better understand the interconnected nature of the U.S.

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