One thing I've learned is that what the rest of the country might see as a disaster, a lot of people in Florida see as an opportunity.
The scams perpetrated after the hurricane and oil spill really amount to peanuts, though, compared to the biggest con of all.
Before leaving this topic, let me say one more thing about my mom’s hurricane fixation. Craig Pittman is a native Floridian and an award-winning reporter who covers environmental issues for the state's largest newspaper, the Tampa Bay Times.
2005 Wilma hit South Florida and came up the coast again but damage was minimal this far up. 1995 Aug 2nd hurricane erin hits with 85mph winds from the ESE 350,000 without power hits at low tide minor damage. We offer this stand-alone service for individuals who do not have ongoing care management services, but could benefit from assistance with hurricane planning. We both hail from Colorado where there an essentially no natural disasters, and therefore, we only learn about hurricane damage from the nationwide news every couple of years. Growing up, I became convinced her mapping the storms is what kept disaster away from our door. Gobs of gooey oil took more than a month to begin washing ashore on Florida’s beaches. Florida has more than 1,260 miles of coastline—more coastline than any other state in the continental United States. As a reporter here in Florida, I've covered all kinds of disasters—floods, wildfires, the Legislature, you name it. Insurance companies might be fine on here and there small damage claims but when a hurricane comes, they run to. Before the 2005 season was over, the National Hurricane Center had run out of names for the storms.
Katrina may find her place among the most destructive natural disasters in the history of North America. As long as men and women have lived along North America’s southeastern Atlantic coast, they have been beset by hurricanes.

Christopher Columbus had to weather a vicious storm that looks to have been a hurricane near Hispaniola, the island of today’s Haiti and the Dominican Republic, in 1495.
Spanish, French, and English explorers ran afoul of sixteenth-century Atlantic hurricanes.
The hurricane “overturned many houses, burying in the ruines much goods and many people . The worst hurricanes to strike the seaboard were in 1724, 1747, and October 19, 1749—during which a Williamsburg family drowned when its house washed away. No eighteenth-century hurricane had greater impact on Williamsburg and Virginia than one September 7–8, 1769.
In addition to personal loss and suffering in the immediate aftermath, the economy suffered for years, another parallel with modern hurricane disasters. Hurricanes wreak havoc on shipping, and throughout the colonial era, the great storms overset European navies vying for control of the Americas, sometimes directly influencing warfare. The Great Hurricane of 1780, which struck the Caribbean near Martinique and Barbados, October 16, tested the British and French navies. The human loss caused by The Great Hurricane reminds us that the storms were more dangerous in the days before modern weather tracking technologies provided warnings.
In the midst of another Atlantic hurricane season, we have the ability to track narrow and rapid shifts in the storms as they move toward and sometimes directly over our coasts. On June 1, my mom tucked a fresh hurricane tracking map behind the portable radio in the kitchen.
Yet an investigation by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel found that the Federal Emergency Management Agency paid $31 million to people who filed claims there. Keep in mind that while Florida as a whole gets storms regularly, it's a big state and it's rare for them to hit any given spot. 2004 Sept 26th, Hurricane Jeanne hits with 120mph winds just south by 45 miles,moderate damage to area, second hurricane in 22 days.Models 4 days before hitting . In 2004 I had over $100K of damage mostly from hurricane Francis, and a tad from hurricane Charlie. After smashing through Florida, she crashed into coasts of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama.

The loss of warships on both sides would influence naval activities for the remainder of the American Revolution, but that’s not why the hurricane is remembered. According to the National Weather Service’s National Hurricane Center, the death toll in no decade approaches this single, horrible storm. The National Hurricane Center says that 90 percent of shipboard deaths caused by hurricanes was before 1790.
To further benefit seniors in our local community, we have developed a Hurricane Preparedness Package. I will mention that in my experience the worst thing was not the hurricanes but the insurance. A Category 4 hurricane, her rains broke levees in New Orleans and submerged 80 percent of the city. Seven hurricanes, four of which devastated much of Florida, rampaged across the Atlantic in 2004.
Modern television news reports often highlight bright, clear skies and pleasant weather along the coast in the hours before a hurricane slams ashore. One vessel from the fleet made it to shore in Florida to found a small colony near present-day Pensacola. My wife and I are thinking about moving to Brevard County (location TBD, but possibly Melbourne, Melbourne Beach, Satellite Beach, or somewhere in that vicinity) in the next few months, and we are wondering about how frequent and dangerous the hurricanes are there. This calm before the storm should have made a hurricane the more surprising in early America. A French fleet attempting to wrest control of the South Atlantic from the Spanish in 1565 was defeated not in battle but by a hurricane.
The Spanish named hurricanes according to the saint’s day on which they struck, and to a lesser degree so did the French and English. The first English attempt to plant settlers on Roanoke Island was abbreviated by a hurricane.

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