So I keep getting this annoying Emergency Alert message with a yellow message box in the notification bar.
Connect the Thunderbolt to your computer via USB cable and delete the file from the SD card if it exists. The emergency alert system will be used only for critical national messages from the president, information in life-threatening situations and Amber Alerts meant to widen the search for missing or abducted youngsters, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced Tuesday.
If it had been available, the alert system could have warned residents of two destructive tornadoes that hit Brooklyn and Queens last year, killing one woman and causing extensive property damage, Emergency Management Commissioner Joe Bruno said.

The Personal Localized Alerting Network, or PLAN, technology will allow the messages to take precedence over regular phone calls or text messages, so in an emergency in which the system’s capacity is overloaded, the alerts will still get through, the officials said.
It makes that long "beeeeeeep" sound you hear when the emergency broadcast system would flash an alert acorss the bottom of your tv screen!
The OTA update enables the wireless alerting system, and also supports the Cisco Any for the better VPN functionality. You have now successfully gained S-OFF, rooted and installed the ClockworkMod Recovery on your HTC Thunderbolt.

He was accompanied by Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski and Federal Emergency Management Agency Administrator Craig Fugate.
Until then, riders will have to rely on the public address systems at stations and on trains.

Public fallout shelter locations
Us riverside embankment
Business recovery after a disaster statistics


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