There were plenty of zombies at E3 in June, with the filthy undead buggers shambling all over a number of upcoming games. I mention How to Survive today because it is set for launch next week (October 23) on all platforms for the low price of $15. It pits the player against a shuffling horde or zombies on a mostly deserted chain of islands. Use that same stick with a different type of string, and you can create a bow for fending off the zombie horde. However, once you've found most of the crafting guides and items available to use, the limits of the mechanic become a little too apparent.
Your Cob Cannons.I recommend you check my setup suburban and run over anything how to survive zombie game or any person stark. All that ARPGing and survival siming comes together nicely, and you can even bring along a co-op buddy (online or off).

How to Survive will feature local and online multiplayer, plus there will be challenge modes for extra replay value. Whether you're looking for news, reviews, walkthroughs, or the biggest collection of PC gaming files on the planet, Game Front has you covered. It’s called How to Survive, and it mashes up isometric ARPGs like Diablo with zombie survival sims like DayZ in a pretty fantastic way. The gameplay, sounds, and animations combine in just the right way to make shooting and stabbing zombies addictive. On top of great pacing, the final boss fight is a ridiculous, over-the-top satisfying bloodbath of zombie guts. You can check out my How to Survive hands-on preview for a full breakdown, but here are the basics: it features all the ARPG staples, with three characters to choose from and level up, sprawling maps full of various different zombie types, and plenty of loot to gather. The game strands players on a remote archipelago off the coast of Columbia in the aftermath of an unexplained accident, and forces players to survive against zombies and basic human needs.

Eko Software chose a top-down perspective for gameplay and kept the controls reminiscent of old isometric games. Only in How to Survive, loot comes in the form of things you need to survive: food, water, tools, weapons, and more. Tangling with limited types of enemies may feel a little stale towards the end, but the game clearly maximizes their potential.
One of the major ways Eko Software tries to side-step tired zombie tropes is by including a basic needs system: thirst, hunger, and fatigue all slowly drain at unequal rates. The story behind the campaign is extremely lacking in substance, so if the gameplay doesn't grab you then nothing else will.

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