There are basically three different groups of people: Survivalists, Preppers and everyone else. The truth be told most of us are not hard core Survivalists or hard core preppers, the vast majority of us are somewhere in between doing nothing and being a hardcore enthusiast.
Terrorists can target power, water, supplies or mass travel systems anywhere in the country.
You get up to go to work and notice the power is down, this has happened to most if not all of us before. We need water to survive for a couple days maybe three days but in three days without water you will be a mess, if you head to the grocery store you will likely find that many have arrived sooner than you have and will beĀ hoarding supplies especially water, gasoline and food.
If you are like most people in the city you are in real trouble at this point, there is little to drink in your house but you need to take advantage of what is there. I have written this here on paper to help you imagine what might actually happen one of these mornings, I hope it does not but I think it is very likely in some city some day. So if you are one family in a big city you have the highest probability of something going wrong because you are in a city. Cities are the hardest places to survive in simply because you are in close proximity to so many other people. The most important step you can take to saving your family and yourself it to prepare to survive. This is where doing these small things before there is trouble becomes life saving to you and yours.
Most of us don’t plan to be hard core survivalists we just want to be able to survive. This is the real problem we have no idea because we do not yet know what disaster we will face. In order to survive in a big city you must have a strong mind and be prepared to shut out the city.
If it looks likely to be long and drawn out trouble then the best you can do is keep your preparations for your family and you have to keep a strong mind or perish.
Woodland Survival Flipper - 8,107 views2 Life Saving Hidden Water Sources In Your Own Home People Never Think Of - 7,389 views50+ Canning & Preserving Recipes That Are Better Than Store Bought Food! By Alan · Add Comment Today I want to share another interesting video by The Patriot Nurse. By Alan · Add Comment All preppers have that moment where they feel completely overwhelmed by all the survival items they want to buy. By Alan · Add Comment Ultimate Survivalist has a really clever way to start a fire with a flashlight. Your level of readiness may determine how long you and your family survive in the event that something goes wrong with your supply of power and or water and or food.
So you wait for the power to return like it always has before, you have an hour before you need to leave for work so you are hoping that it will be on in time to take a quick shower.
You tell the family you are headed to work, hopefully the power will return before they have to get ready for school. Some of the big intersections have back up power for the lights so they continue to operate for a while with power outages.
At the first sign of conflict, someone grabbing water bottles from someone else everything will quickly turn ugly.
Cities are dependent on constant shipments from the outside to replenish everything needed to live.
Cities are the most likely place to be affected by weather or natural disasters, like earthquakes and tornados. If you wake up one morning in this or a similar scenario it is already too late all the little things you could have done to save your family are past now all you have is what is there in front of you and your own courage and determination.

So you can go to the lumber store buy some 1 X 8 or similar lumber and some screws or nails to install them. So consider a pantry, of course you are going to be limited by the amount of space you have to work with. I say for a time because the amount that you have set aside will determine how much time you have given to your family.
Yes, you’ll have to save up and spend some money, but there is much more to preparedness than buying survival supplies. You don’t have to be a news junkie, but you should at least keep an eye on the headlines.
If you’re feeling this way, just relax, list the items in order of importance, and focus on one thing at a time. All you have to do is remove the silver cup from the end of the flashlight, put some tinder in the bottom, and aim it at the sun to set the tinder on fire. While these are excellent food storage methods, there are many other great options to consider.
As you get in your car you see there are more people in groups talking, as you pull up to the closest group they wave you down and tell the story that others have driven out of the neighborhood only to find power is out for miles and the streets are a traffic nightmare. If you live in a big city, New York City is the biggest, there will be 8 million others asking the same question. Some will try to raise prices drastically to make a huge profit from people in need, the most likely outcome of violence, hoarding and price raising, will be someone taking the supplies in anger or by force. If the event is just in their city there is hope there are people on the outside who at some point will bring water and food to help your city.
All of our needs and wants are constantly shipped in to the city to meet our needs and wants. Yes you are just like the thousands running around the streets trying to figure out what to do.
A pantry can be anything from a huge underground area with stairs and a heavy locking door to a couple of boxes slid under the end of your bed. When you buy a second jar of something check the expiration date and use the food that will expire soonest.
You can yell a warning and most of the time when someone finds out you are armed that is enough for them to leave you alone.
So the amount of preparedness that you achieve will decide how likely you are to survive and for how long. Some of these are pretty simple and won’t take very long, while others could take hours or more.
Beer, wine and soda can help keep you alive but they are not as good as water and should be drank in between water doses instead of drinking nothing but wine or beer or soda after all the water is gone. If it is several cities or even and ongoing attack to all major cities then there is less hope and at some point you are on your own and no help is coming soon enough. We do what we can to help ourselves and our families survive the unthinkable, just in case.
They will be the first to perish, the most prepared to survive will be the ones who walk away with their lives. Then just slide them behind the couch and when the time comes they are there giving you the ability to board up your windows and reinforce the door.
Better to spend a little of that gold in advance getting ready for surviving whatever comes your way. What to put in the pantry, the start is simple, the basics that you use every day that can be kept dry and without refrigeration.
Don’t forget just because a food is past the expiration date does not mean it is not good to eat it simply means it will be better if you use it before that date.

As the author says,…7 Worst Rookie Prepper Mistakes We all make mistakes, especially when it comes to prepping.
If people start to realize they do not have what they need to survive they will revert to violence and theft to meet their needs.
If you want to see true and deadly panic show 1 million or more people in a city that the grocery stores are empty! Remember there are thousands more out there, so the best way for you and your family to survive is to hunker down and close everything up as tight as possible. There are tons of different ways to keep water, the big jugs that are 5 gallon for storing water are better if you have room.
In an emergency you eat the food that is expired first and save the stuff with a longer shelf life for later.
The light and laser can be activated automatically when you take the pistol out of its holster. This article is just touching the tip of the iceberg, it is just one situation, just a few things we can do to get ready for trouble. If the radio says there will be help in days perhaps you can choose to share with some and help them survive as well. 5 gallon food grade buckets, the list goes on and on and I will be doing articles on each of the paragraphs with the headlines to explore in greater detail what is available and what works the best.
The light is very small and very bright it will help make sure you are shooting what you are intending to shoot.
Storing water does not mean it is gone if not used, you can rinse the jugs out and water the flowers every year if you like.
But if the radio says no help in the foreseeable future you have to know the only chance your family has is to hunker down and ignore the thousands.
If you turn on the radio and find out what is going on sooner you have more time to react properly. The basic first aid kit with gauze and tape, triple antibiotic ointment, eye wash, tweezers, a sharp knife and a way to re sharpen it as needed. But it cannot keep a determined person or group of people out if they feel you have what they need to stay alive. Your best chance to survive is just your family with what you can muster to make it through. If the person trying to break down your door sees a laser spot on his or her chest that is a sobering event. By all means if this is a short term disasterĀ and help is coming, then help as many as you can for as long as you can and then wait for rescue. Firearms are not for everyone but if your door is being charged or battered and it is only a matter of time before there is nothing between you and the unprepared. Remember a gun is of little use unless it has plenty of ammunition and you and your family know how to use it.
Duct tape some plastic sheeting and a few basic tools may also save your family, so take the time to buy these items and keep them in a strong nylon bag. So they can be easily move from room to room or if you have to leave the place you are they can be quickly found and brought with you wherever you go. I assure you if they are beating your door down your life is in danger, they may not kill you outright.

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