Earthquake Safety Video JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. LOS ANGELES (AP) — California conducted its annual "drop, cover, and hold on" drill to teach citizens how to protect themselves while an earthquake is occurring.More than 10 million residents of the earthquake-prone state signed up to participate in the 2015 Great California ShakeOut, an event that began in 2008, organizers said. A fourth-grade class in Jefferson City is featured in an earthquake preparedness video that will be shown to people throughout the South and Midwest. The video was released last week by the Central United States Earthquake Consortium, a group that teaches people in the region how to stay safe in earthquakes. Everyone from geologists to the school districts themselves think there's more work to do when it comes to school building safety.

School districts across the Portland-metro area want families to talk about earthquakes and make home safety kits. The district's emergency services manager thinks preparing for an earthquake starts at home with what might be a difficult conversation with kids.
School districts are also working with city emergency services in their areas on rescue plans and because cities could use some of the school buildings that survive a catastrophic quake as community shelters for those who need a place to stay.
FILE -- A student at Harris Elementary School in Bakersfield takes cover during the 2010 "Great California Shakeout" earthquake drill.
Thorpe Gorden Elementary students are featured in a video (screenshot above) about earthquake safety.

The earthquake consortium saw the video on the Internet and decided the class would be a good example for other states. And they want families to make plans to pick their children up from school if an earthquake happens.

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