Prairie Park School students duck and cover during a tornado drill March 11, 2008, at the school, 2711 Kensington Road.
A "Tornado Warning" means a tornado has been sighted, or its presence is indicated by weather radar. Injuries can occur in the aftermath of a tornado, during cleanup or rescue attempts, from exposed nails or broken glass.
When tornadoes ripped through several states May 11, in Nashville Arkansas high school sweethearts, Michael and Melissa Mooneyhan flung their bodies over their 18 month old daughter, the little girl was found alive later, sheltered by her loving parents in their final act of sacrifice, both were killed by blunt trauma. Nashville, Arkansas is a small town with 4,700 residents, a close-knit community, who is eager to help the orphan however they can. The National Weather Service rated the tornado in that part of Arkansas an EF2, with winds about 200 miles an hour. In case of a tornado warning, it's best to seek shelter in a basement or lowest area possible, away from windows. Based on all the damage, the National Weather Service can estimate the wind speed of the tornado itself and put it on the EF-scale, as seen below. Family members and friends have been helping sift through the rubble, finding mementos and clothing for the child, determined that she knows how much she was loved. Want to discover how to construct an outstanding zombie survival kit, and the risks your enterprise. Tornadoes occasionally develop in areas where a severe thunderstorm watch or warning is in effect, and they may strike with little or no warning. You've probably heard a tornado described as "an F3" or "barely an F0." The "F" comes from the Fujita scale, developed by T.

Reality: Tornadoes have struck several cities, including Dallas, Oklahoma City, Wichita Falls, St. No matter how boring and useless it sometimes seems to run tornado or fire drills in a school, it may make the difference between living and dying. In light of the recent tragedies in Oklahoma which affected two schools including flattening one elementary school and killing at least nine children, the Carrollton School District is reminding students about the importance of tornado safety. At $1,000 per blanket, he and others with the company say buying one per student would be less expensive than building tornado shelters.'By no means would we ever say that this is more protective,' Walker said. Investigators examine 28 types of free-standing structures to see how much damage they sustained. Walker started on the idea after a massive tornado struck last year in Moore, killing 24 people including seven children inside an elementary school that didn't have a tornado shelter. Tornados can bring with them flash floods, lightning, winds up to 140 miles per hour and hail as big as grapefruit.
Cooperate with public safety officials and respond to requests for assistance from emergency responders. If you are threatened by a tornado in your area, stay out of your car, trailer homes are not safe, look for shelter in a sturdy brick or concrete building.
And depending on how far away you are and how fast the tornado is traveling, you may be able to drive to a safe location. To determine where a tornado falls on the EF-scale, surveyors look at the damage in its wake.
Reality: However possible this may be, someone who is tethered to an object can still be picked up by the winds and whipped around, colliding with any nearby objects or debris.

Peterson agreed to demonstrate a practice drill for TV5 during our story on tornado safety. According to the National Weather Service, a tornado in the late 1980s "left a path of destruction up and down" a 10,000-foot mountain.
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A tornado touches down about one-half mile west of the Douglas-Johnson County line near 458 Road (North 900 Road).
This tornado siren on 27th Street near Arkansas Street is one of several in Douglas County. An Oklahoma company has created a protective blanket that developers say could give children a better chance of surviving debris from a tornado - or bullets from a 9 mm handgun.The Bodyguard Blanket, made by ProTecht, is a bulletproof pad designed to protect students during disasters at school. Wind speeds in a tornado increase by height, and climbing up the slopes that are underneath an overpass only expose you to greater danger. The Bodyguard Blanket can protect students from tornado debris or bullets during school disasters. If there are no interior hallways, avoid those that open to the southwest, south, or west, since that is the usually the direction the tornado will come.

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