According to a US Army report from 1994, one single high-altitude detonation has the potential to generate an electromagnetic pulse capable of covering the entire continental United States. Another emergency protection you can take is unplug a microwave, place your electronic device inside the microwave, and close the door.  The microwave acts much like a Faraday Cage, so that microwaves do not escape while cooking food.
A electrical engineer friend of mine made this comment to me when I asked about EMP’s. The Carrington Event of 1859, the first observed solar CME, proved that a natural EMP can happen and that they can be devastating. The most widespread protection system for electrical apparatus is the Faraday box or the Faraday EMP- protected bags. On the other side, an NEMP’s E1 pulse arrives as a radio wave and will attack any electronics not buried deep underground or contained inside a Faraday cage. A Faraday box is simply an electrically seamless metal container, be it a box cylinder, sphere or any other closed shape designed to divert and soak up the EMP. I have heard a lot about Faraday cage rooms, but even if copper or aluminum foil in the ceiling, floor and walls appears to insulate a whole room from an EMP, it is doubtful that you will be able to cover all gaps for the wavelengths involved and truly create cage-like protection. For true peace of mind, place Faraday-bag-protected electronics inside bubble wrap bags to separate one from the other, then place everything inside a steel trash can lined with plastic foam. Protecting your equipment is wise, but that may not help if the main power and communications grid goes down and never comes back again. With this in mind, I would suggest that before you pack your iPads and laptops for EMP protection, place some basic resources— critical electrical parts— in your Faraday cage. For more about shielding from someone who has spent his career doing electromagnetic shielding, see Donald R. Also see the new Directory of EMP Protection and Solar Rooftop Products now under development by Don White. A related popular myth is that there is a sharp and well-defined boundary between what is protected from EMP and what is not.

Remember that in a complete solar photovoltaic system, the inverters and battery chargers, as well as the solar panels, need to have proper shielding and transient protection. For information about the EMP sensitivity of solar panels, and more details on the shielding of solar panel systems, see Donald J. An upper atmospheric detonation of a nuclear device basically produces an EMP (actually 3 distinct pulses) that covers a huge range of the EM spectrum.
If you have one that no longer works, it can be used to store electronics that will fit inside. Forstchen, deals with an unexpected electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack on the United States. These two systems have to protect your electronics from the three E1, E2 and E3 pulse phases of an NEMP, or the E3 phase of a CME. It can damage unplugged electrical equipment with its very short, high-frequency (up to 100 MHz) pulse, sometimes lasting only a few nanosec- onds, which is way too quick for most surge protectors. If the object placed in the Faraday box is insulated from the inside surface of the box, it will not be affected by the EMP travelling around the outside metal surface of the box. Despite what you may have read or heard, these boxes do not have to be airtight due to the long wavelength of EMPs; boxes can be made of wire screen or other porous metals. Used by many agencies, they provide an astonishing 98 decibels of signal strength protection, about double the typical steel trash can when sealed with conductive foil tape.
I doubt that can happen, as many countries in the developed world are placing resources to protect themselves in such a scenario, but it could take days, weeks or even months before the grid fully recovers. An apocalyptic and rather de- pressing scenario, the fact is that such an attack is quite possible. The fact is that there are many different sce- narios, both natural and manmade, that could expose our countries to the end of the world as we know it via EMP.
An EMP event can include nuclear (NEMP), high-altitude (HEMP) and non- nuclear (NNEMP) weapons designed to disrupt enemy infrastructure.

The E2 phase energy burst is similar but much slower, travel- ing at tens to hundreds of microseconds, and it can be handled much easier by surge protectors. In my opinion, it is generally safer not to ground your Faraday unit since a ground wire can actually conduct additional energy back toward the item you are trying to protect.
These bags do have limitations in size, but they will do marvels protecting your valuable computers, data hard disks or communi- cations equipment. This type of setup would offer over 100 decibels of signal strength protection, a level close to high- dollar military and commercial Faraday cages, but at a prepper budget, all while adding flood protection, which is more likely to occur than an EMP. To add to this possibility, there are many scientists who admit that a large EMP produced by a coronal mass ejection (CME) from our sun is even more likely to occur. Some of your electrical equipment is innately EMP resistant, such as large electric motors, ham radio vacuum tube HF amplifiers, or simple interrupters and relays. I currently have a spare CB, batt operated radio, 2m handheld & mobile units, FRS radios wrapped in mylar bags I got from the LDS storehouse, wrapped in a layer of bubble wrap, then placed into a large 20mm ammo can. No matter the type, the real problem is the magnitude of the EMP, be it a solar CME or a nuclear explosion in the atmosphere. On the other side, some devices are very EMP sensitive, such as integrat- ed circuits or field effect transistors. This is why the best protection against CMEs and solar storms is ensuring that your backup electronics are not plugged into anything.

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