As one of the greatest environmental disasters that has ever occurred, the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster has rightfully stricken many people with terror at the prospect of suffering from radiation damage.
Being exposed to radiation can be extremely stressful, so you might want to stop and take a deep breath – literally. Believe it or not, eating miso soup is actually a remarkably good way to help mitigate the effects of radiation. While no one would entertain the thought of eating food out of the breakroom fridge at the Fukushima plant, the effects of nuclear fallout on the food supply are actually much farther reaching than most of us would like to think.
We’ve all heard that greens are a highly nutritious super-food, but never is it more important to consume them than after you’ve been exposed to potential radiation damage. When a devastating man-made catastrophes such as the Fukushima disaster strikes, the nuclear fallout can be so far-reaching that it is easy to feel like everything is out of your control. The particles you inhale, and the particles you swallow, are much more harmful than the radiation flux from outside your body. According to a notice from the Creators, because of explosion of Fukushima-1 Nuke plant by US’s GE Corp. In many articles on the Internet, the ritual of Agnihotra has been promoted as a simple ritual that helps to minimise the adverse impact of nuclear radiation.
Most people do not know that there are measures that can be taken at a spiritual level along with efforts at a psychological and physical level to defend oneself against a nuclear attack. Immediate effects (blast, thermal radiation, prompt ionizing radiation) are produced and cause significant destruction within seconds or minutes of a nuclear detonation. The delayed effects (radioactive fallout and other possible environmental effects) inflict damage over an extended period ranging from hours to centuries, and can cause adverse effects in locations very distant from the site of the detonation. Damage caused by nuclear explosions can vary greatly depending on the weapon’s yield (measured in kilotons or megatons), the type of nuclear fuel used, the design of the device, whether it is exploded in the air or on Earth’s surface, the geography surrounding the target and whether it is winter or summer, hazy or clear, night or day or windy or calm.
The following picture shows the predicted effect of a 1 megaton nuclear bomb exploding and the distance of the impact of the various forms of energy. The Blast: Much of the damage (approx 50%) inflicted by a nuclear explosion is the result of its shock wave. The Thermal Radiation: Along with the blast approximately 30-50% of the energy of the destruction is due to thermal radiation. The Ionizing Radiation: A nuclear detonation creates several forms of nuclear or ionizing radiation. Fallout: One of the effects of nuclear weapons detonated on or near the Earth’s surface is the resulting radioactive fallout. The Raja–Tama predominant Cosmic Fire particles (emanating from a nuclear device detonating) strike in a very harsh and callous manner. It is important to keep in mind that the protection levels that are being discussed are in a nuclear holocaust environment. When a person performs Agnihotra, there are a few factors that come into play that define the efficacy of the ritual in neutralising the effect of nuclear radiation .
In the case of a nuclear bomb explosion, in practical terms, only a person above the 50% spiritual level is able to access any substantial protection by performing the ritual of Agnihotra. In the case of Saints They would get a thought to move away from the area before the bomb explodes.

When one does a ritual with the attitude of spiritual emotion and devotion, the effect and benefit from the ritual is multiplied.
The person performing the ritual gets more benefit from the ritual as opposed to a person observing the ritual. We urge relevant authorities in various countries to help people begin their spiritual practice and along with that the ritual of Agnihotra to minimise the damage from a nuclear holocaust. Marijuana - Natural Plants that Prevent Nuclear Radiation - Daily Alternative News - Alternative News - Something Different for the People! Marijuana is one of the plants that has been proven to eliminate nuclear radiation and was used in cleaning Chernobyl similar to the sunflower plants. The earthquake in Japan and the resulting nuclear power plant disaster at Fukushima has rocked the entire world with the threat and spread of nuclear waste contamination. Many people know that the cannabis plant has amazing healing powers; however the same plant can literally “eat away” nuclear waste. Nobody knows how far the extension of the contamination from the nuclear power plant disaster at Fukushima because the tsunami and wind bring together the radioactivity almost everywhere on earth.Thus it is hard to think about the tons of nuclear contaminated water getting pumped into our mutually shared ocean and how it is going to broadly effect a great deal of our ecosystems.
While most of us are far away from Fukushima geographically, that does not mean that we are immune to the possible nuclear fallout.
As many as 97 percent of us are actually deficient in iodine, and this can be particularly problematic when radiation hits. Following a nuclear accident or nuclear war, it is best to avoid eating fresh vegetables that were grown during the time of the fallout.
This porous substance is sometimes used to treat poisoning, and it’s easy to see how it can have a similar effect on radiation exposure, which is actually a type of poisoning when you think about it. However, these steps can help to minimize your chances of suffering from radiation sickness. The statement piqued our interest, because for modern science this is a fantastic proposition: that a simple ritual done at sunrise and sunset along with the recitation of a mantra can actually quell the harmful effects of nuclear fallout. This article expands on the measures we can take at a spiritual level to protect ourselves from the effects of a nuclear attack and for the prevention of it occurring. Even if one is many miles away from the blast, one is able to view a bright flash created by the exploding bomb. The nuclear fission (atom splitting) and nuclear fusion (atom combining) that occur to produce the explosion release, either directly or indirectly, neutrons, gamma rays, beta particles, and alpha particles. These subtle-sounds have a subtle harmful effect on the mind and intellect of the people in the vicinity of the nuclear attack. The fire created from Agnihotra disintegrates Raja–Tama particles and therefore purifies the environment at a spiritual level. The protective sheath intuitively knows when they are coming near it and as a reflex action it sends sattvik Cosmic Fire frequencies from within it towards the Raja–Tama predominant particles with tremendous force.
Thus for the recent nuclear disaster in Japan, cultivation of marijuana is a viable alternative since this plant absorbs the radiation.
From the flower’s ability to aid and keep people from going blind, to the woody core of the stem’s ability to build fire proof homes and much more.
Phytoremediation has been used to remove radioactive elements from soil and water at former weapons producing areas.

The Bast Institute has a genetic bank that includes 400 varieties of hemp from various regions of the world.  Newer technologies in hemp harvesting and processing are also being developed at the institute whose library contains more than 55,000 volumes mainly on hemp growing and flax growing. That’s because when you do have enough iodine in your body, the radiation doesn’t have anywhere to bind itself to, so it will simply pass through your body without harming it.
It is also wise to avoid drinking fresh milk that comes from cows who consumed water or food that could have been contaminated with radioactive material, as this could easily enter your system and cause harm.
It protects you internally as well as externally from Cesium-137, a common component of nuclear fallout that has been found in the aftermath of Fukushima. Those of us who are within the initial blast radius would not know what happened as we would be obliterated before we had time to register that a nuclear device had been detonated. In addition we have used the Nuclear Weapon Effects Calculator which is based on scaling laws printed in Carey Sublette’s well-known Nuclear Weapons FAQ to help give perspective on the benefits of Agnihotra. In addition to being intensely bright, this radiation is intensely hot (hence the name “thermal”). A person of average spiritual level (20-30%) will gain negligible protective benefit from performing the ritual of Agnihotra. However, if the person observing the ritual does so with the attitude that he himself is performing the ritual with the appropriate level of spiritual emotion, then he too will gain the same benefit and protection.
If one however has severe destiny, only the grace of a Saint can help in overcoming the destiny. Now, we can add another use to the list: Marijuana as a tool to clean up nuclear contamination around Chernobyl.
It can also be used to clean up metals, pesticides, solvents, explosives, crude oil, and toxins leaching from landfills.  Plants break down or degrade organic pollutants and stabilize metal contaminants by acting as filters or traps.
Snacking on these tasty nuts can actually help prevent radiation positioning while benefiting your body in many other ways as well. Leafy greens are also rich in chlorophyll, which has been shown to help increase resistance to X-rays and decrease radiation toxicity.
Moreover, it can help prevent the damage caused to fatty acids and Vitamin A by massive radiation.
The Absolute Cosmic Principle that is predominant in the case of a nuclear device being detonated, is the Absolute Cosmic Fire Principle (Tejtattva).
This sheath is highly sensitive to anything related to the Cosmic Fire Principle and from the subtle-dimension this sheath looks reddish.
As a result, the destructive Cosmic Fire frequencies from the detonated nuclear device loses its power. People a few more kilometres away from the blast would suffer from burns or exposure to radioactive material that could have immediate to long lasting detrimental effects on them and their family.
Since nowadays there are so many pollutants and nuclear radiations everywhere on the entire earth and sea we might expect there are many more locations almost everywhere.

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