The Fire Prevention Bureau is committed to reducing fire loss, injury and death caused by fires, and to making your living experience within the city a safe one. The objective of the Fire Prevention Bureau is to educate those we come in contact with before there is a problem. Our homes often hide easily-preventable causes of serious, potentially life-threatening burn and scald injuries including hot tap water and hot beverages and food. Annually, over 400 people die from scalds or burns, 400,000 burn injuries are treated, and over 30,000 people are hospitalized in burn centers. If you, your child or a loved one is burned, cool the area with running water right away for 3 minutes or longer. As a community member, its also important to be aware that while often accidental, scalds and burns in children can be a sign of abuse. And recreate a life he always dreamt of, a single that would make frankly it is none of my business, preventing fires and burns I will tell. Stay in the kitchen and keep an eye on the stove or broiler when you're cooking, as many fires begin when people leave the cooking unattended. Avoid wearing loose clothing--especially loose sleeves--when cooking over a hot fire or burner. Keep kitchen towels, paper towels, oven mitts, plastic bags, hot pads and any other flammable items away from the stove. Follow the manufacturer's instructions when installing and using a stove, oven and other appliances.

Clean grease and oil off stove burners and stove top regularly, as grease and oil are common ignition sources.
If there's a fire in the kitchen or anywhere in your home, get out of the house quickly, then call the emergency services or the fire emergency number.
The Division's Fire Prevention Bureau works year round conducting routine fire safety inspections for all business occupancies within the city.
The bureau conducts annual evaluations of all business occupancies within the city putting together a pre-fire action plan to be used by the Division of Fire during emergency responses. Burns and scalds occur most often in the home as a result of preparing hot food or beverages or from hot tap water in showers and bathtubs. The code enforcement team is committed to providing proactive enforcement of these codes by developing courteous and professional business relationships with the public, contractors, business owners and residents of the city. Wear snug clothing or roll up sleeves in the kitchen, especially when working over the stove, as fire or heat may ignite your clothing. In the United States, Canada and some European and Asian countries, look for the Underwriters Laboratory "UL" seal on a product. If you stay inside to fight a fire, get others out of the house first and make sure you will be able to exit if the fire gets out of control. Scalds occur when 1-2 layers of skin are damaged by hot water or liquid and 75% of all burns in children are scalds.
Keep yourself and loved ones safe from injury with these scald and burn prevention tips and information from Boise Fire Fighters Local 149.

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The Fire Prevention Bureau employs many strategies to accomplish the Division's safety goals.
In young children and the elderly, scalds and burns can result faster and be more injurious because their skin is thinner than older children and adults. Enforcing codes established by the State of Ohio and the City of Vandalia, the bureau makes recommendations and assists occupants with fire safety and emergency action planning. While accidents can happen, supervising children and taking simple safety measures can reduce the chances of scalds and burns.
The Fire Prevention Bureau works very closely with the City's Building Division on all commercial building construction projects. This identification process promotes rapid identification of special hazards within a structure and allows the Division of Fire to more rapidly deploy firefighting and emergency medical resources, ultimately improving life, safety, and property conservation. On average each year, the bureau reaches thousands of customers ranging in age from preschoolers to seniors. Young children and the elderly are most vulnerable, though any one can suffer painful, potentially life-threatening injuries from scalds and burns.

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