Prepare, you may find yourself living without any modern technological conveniences Full Stop. Iran cannot attack the USA in the force or ferocity as the Russians or Chinese can; but using a nuclear weapon as an EMP (electromagnetic pulse weapon) could efficiently and quickly nullify the entire power grid and any electrically powered type of devices.
Iran has made no secret of its plans for an Iran-centered world and its own version of an Islamic Caliphate. Add to this the possible involvement of forces hostile to our way of life and communication and serious planning is essential.

In a large scale emergency local control will be priority and each citizen will be ultimately responsible for the welfare of family and property.
Building a Faraday Cage to shield cell phones, batteries and other small devices will keep them safe for use after the initial effects of the event.
Each of the major population areas has exit areas where prepared suburban and urban dwellers could find shelter if prepared for an extended camping experience. Cyber-attacks, physical damage and an EMP deliberately set off by a hostile nation such as Iran could disrupt or take down electrical power transmittal in the USA.

Electronic magnetic door locks
Emergency broadcast system alert text
Food disaster kit


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