Once you know how to predict a tsunami and how to handle the situation when it comes, your main duty is to pass your learning onto others. Prepare your emergency kits long before there might be a tsunami to be sure you get everything you might possibly need. In general, tsunamis are not particularly threatening, as they constantly happen every day around the world, often in the middle of the ocean.
Familiarize yourself with the terrain so if the worst were to happen, you could fend for yourself.

The last thing you expected on your week-long, relaxing visit to Thailand was a tsunami, but that doesn't mean it won't happen. Even though you'll probably be following everyone else, know that they're heading for high ground, too, and you should do the same. Worst case scenario is you get caught somewhere for a few days before evacuations start happening, so you want 72 hours worth of goods. So if the first wave is not very aggressive or not very big, don't think you can go back to the beach and that your tsunami did not live up to the hype.

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Many times people think that the tsunami is over and are injured or killed by the second or third wave.

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