If you are a freelancer and provide a service, form a network with other freelancers who provide a similar service. These are just a few recommendations to assist in getting your home business prepared in advance in the event a natural disaster occurs. Let’s say you had a training or event scheduled at the time of the natural disaster, social media is the fastest and easiest way to inform everyone. She works hard to make things simple for the average business owner and freelancer when it comes to websites, WordPress blogs, teleclasses, eNewsletters, and anything you do online virtually.

Definitely got my attention, especially considering the entire world is experiencing weather patterns, natural disasters and freak storms out of the norm for their areas this time of year.
If disaster strikes, you can grab your bag of important papers along with your other items before heading out of the house.
Thanks to great teammates like you and Tiffany, we all can be prepared if we take action now.
While no one got hurt, they were forced to leave their homes and are still waiting to move back in.

Atomic shelter band
Comprehensive guide to emergency preparedness and disaster recovery


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