I wanted to make a live bait cage that I could use to keep my muskie suckers minnows alive overnight in the lake.
Hanoi Bird Markets are set up for locals buying and selling bird pets, bird cages and bird foods. You will visit the bird fair; watch the locals buying and selling bird pets, bird cages and bird foods.
Bird cages made by Vac villagers are well-known nationwide for their durability, beauty and luxuriousness. Visiting to house of one artisan in Canh Hoach Village, you will see that bird cages are piled up on both sides of the path.

I have kept the suckers alive in the boat live well by using an aerator, but if I have a large number of suckers or have some that have had hooks in them, some tend to not make it. To satisfy three criteria of durability, beauty as well as luxuriousness, the craftsmen have to undertake many steps, such as whittling the bamboo splints to make the bottom of cages together with making and decorating the brims and assembling the parts. This type of bait cage can also be used to keep your catch alive until later if you don't feel like cleaning fish right away or for whatever reason. Once the spiral is fed the length of the side, bend back the ends of the spiral to make sure if will not come undone and that there are no sharp points sticking out. Also, I just ran some extra wire that the wire mesh was wrapped up in to make handles on both sides of the cage.

Below are the materials, steps and final result of my first attempt at making a live bait cage.

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