With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. Having a small a small survival kit in your pocket can be very useful, and could even help to keep you alive. The purpose of a survival kit is for you too survive until rescue arrives and nothing else.If you look at other websites you will see survival kits that are huge,this is a bad idea theres no point being stranded in the woods with your survival kit in the car brcause it was too big or too heavy to carry.
What you put in your kit is up to you this contents list is only a guide,remeber its up too you.If you are not very good at firelighting you might use the space for extra firelighters rather than a pencil. Another thing don`t put componenets in just for the sake of it, don`t put a sewing kit in if you dont know how to sew.
Lastley choose the type of component that is best for you a good example is the flints better quality ones are bigger and take up less space but poorer quality ones are tiny.It depends on your level of skill and room in your kit which one you pick. A small pocket knife is probably usless, the best knife I can think of for this kit is the Swiss Army Knapsack, it has; lock blade, good saw, toothpick, tweesers, can opener, screw diver, cork screw etc. I am making my next survival kit around a Cold Steel hollow handle Bushman Knife, check it out.

Wax paper, it’s very light to carry and will get a fire going no matter how wet your wood is.
You can put anything you want in your survival kit as long as it fits without damaging any of the other components. Safety Pins – Use to hold clothing together, hold a poncho or other material together to make a tent, or use as a makeshift fishing hook. More important that preparing your home, this kit will prepare you and your family for storm season. The kit includes 10 essential survival items which you can take anywhere and you'll have everything to survive what nature throws at you if you get into that situation.
Although i wouldn't pick that gerber as my knife the kit is pretty bulletproof, maybe a sheet of tinfoil folded up so you can make containers out of it to hold water or cook. Although unlikely to be needed in an extreme survival situation it would be very useful if you went out for a long walk. This is how we keep our site free for you and other readers, so we greatly appreciate when you do purchase through our links!

Aluminum foil can be formed into a makeshift container to catch and hold water (as long as you press it tightly so there are no leaks). Thank you so much for sharing your DIY, I love it and immediately went to make several bottles (for hubby & his friends). To protect you and your home from these being hurled in dangerous directions, make sure to secure the items too large to bring inside and remove the ones that aren’t. Remember, knowledge is your ultimate survival tool – everything else is just helpful!

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