Below are a couple of animal shelters that may be interested in this kind of support, but you can also contact your local town shelter.
Newsday's Guide to Long Island's Natural World (Falcon Guide)A great way to explore and get outdoors. In order to improve a community, volunteers of all ages are needed to advance the common good.
Last week I saw these lessons in action while working alongside several families from FCA US, and UAW Local 1268 and Local 1761 during a service project with Northern Illinois Food Bank. Community service for kids can help your children become more compassionate, empathetic, and engaged. See The Real World: When a child is introduced to situations outside of their own everyday life, it opens their eyes to the world around them. Feel Better: Kids involved in community service activities will often say that it makes them feel better or that they get as much out of helping others as the people being helped. Get an Edge: When headed to college, a well-rounded child with ample volunteer experience is more likely to have an edge up on college applications and acceptances. Make New Friends: Children who volunteer meet other like-minded children during volunteer activities.

For children of all ages, getting involved in serving the community is a great way to learn empathy and compassion, to build relationships with others and to feel a greater purpose in life. Land O’Moms was created by Land O’Frost in 2008 as a community for moms to learn about tips, tricks and recipes that make momming just a little easier. In appreciation for your contribution, you are welcome to join us for a free ice cream social and a free pool day as well as fun activities for Kid’s to Parks Day at Scott Carpenter Park after the cleanup. Your free family online resource for everything cool, helpful, beachy, kid-friendly, entertaining, and fun. Have your children organize a school supply drive to help their neighbors and classmates start the year ready to learn.
Chances are many of us haven’t thought much about consistently making sure our kids are participating in some sort of community service.
Serving others is a way to enrich a child’s life and give them the opportunity to feel how good helping others can be. Colleges want to know that the kids they are admitting to their schools are not only educationally sound, but also community-minded and involved. The shelter also sent her a formal thank you and a certificate, which she cherished.  Generally volunteers at animal shelters must be at least 16 years old, but children of any age can enjoy being part of a donation drive.

Research has found community service for kids produces real benefits when they volunteer alongside their families. Volunteer as a family, or as part of a workplace, scout troop, or youth group, and help feed the hungry in your area. Helping others and serving the community can help them understand what kind of real problems there are in the world, making them aware of the struggles of others. Volunteering as an assistant coach will let your child share her love of the game as she encourages healthy living in her community.
Work with teachers and administrators to get the necessary supplies to the students who need them most.

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