If you have been cast, congratulations!, getting cast in a show is very excited, so give yourself a pat on the back. If you are interested in costumes, props, sets, lighting, or stage directing, seek out those involved in these crew departments and offer to lend a hand or any expertise and skills you might have.
As a non-profit Metropolitan Community Theatre Project relies on the support of volunteers to operate. Like most things, the first step to getting involved is getting informed and the internet is a great place to start. Sure, auditions can be intimidating, but here are some pointers to help take the stress out of the process and to help you nail it.[2] If you're interested in getting involved, but not into acting, skip ahead to Method 3 for tips on how to get involved off-stage. Giving the theater a monetary donation, if you have the financial means, can be a mutually rewarding experience. Many theaters have a board that includes community representatives.[9] See if your local theater has a board that you can join and help in the daily running of the theater. One of the best parts of being involved in community theater is meeting new people and making new friends.

Studies have shown that getting involved with acting and improve can actually help to reduce work, school, and other life-related stress.
Chances are you’ve already visited the theater before as a patron, but if not plan on checking out a show. Most of the action actually happens behind the theater curtains and working offstage is an exciting way to get involved, especially if you’re shy or not really into acting. Check to see if your local theater needs a hand in their fundraising, marketing, public relations, or community outreach efforts. Sometimes casting agents pop-in to local theater productions, too, to scope out up-and-coming talent.[10] Who knows, maybe you'll catch their eye! There are several ways to get involved––onstage, backstage, and behind the scenes––and we’ll show you the ropes for each. Not only does it help the theater cover their overhead expenses and put on more shows, but it’s a way for you to get involved and to make a charitable donation that are likely tax deductible.[7] Everyone's a winner!
Most recently, she’s been working on editing How to Tell if a Cow or Heifer Is Pregnant to make some improvements based on reader feedback and questions.

This is a good way to get a vibe of the troupe and get tips or pointers from someone already in the know. The list may be emailed to you, you could receive a call, or it might be posted somewhere at the theater.
These are great ways to meet your neighbors and forge new connections outside of the theater, too. She’s proud of being a Featured Author, and thinks the diversity of people and topics in the community is great. You can jump in the deep end with both feet like I did… with major edits and a lot of articles started that others never thought to add before, or go into the shallows and develop ideas on what you want to get started on.

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