If you know the proper care and feeding of pet rabbits, you can expect your pet to live a long and happy life. Rabbits have always been popular as outdoor pets kept in cages, but they are now popular as housetrained indoor pets.
Pet rabbits can live up to 15 years with the proper care, but the average lifetime is six to eight years. Spayed and neutered rabbits make better pets because they are less aggressive, become more docile, and are less territorial. Rabbit teeth continue to grow all through their lives, so they need to chew to keep their teeth healthy and at the proper length. Serious pet rabbit owners should check into joining an organization such as the House Rabbit Society to get support and knowledge from other pet rabbit owners. Always, always make sure whatever your rabbit is not poisonous or harmful in any other way.
Domesticated rabbits are similar to cats in that they are generally clean and can be housetrained to defecate in a litter box.
If you choose to housetrain your rabbit, buy a small floor cage that is made for indoor purposes.

A good rabbit diet includes water, hay, fresh vegetables and specially made rabbit food pellets. Provide your pet with chewing blocks purchased at your local pet supply so you can be sure the wood is free from any chemical treatments. These types of societies help rescue domesticated rabbits from homes and shelters when people do not want them anymore.
However, it does take dedication to keep up with that care week after week and, ultimately, year after year. It's healthier for your rabbit, you can have some of it yourself, and it'll improve your gardening skills and provide you with a fun new hobby.
Rabbit waste is actually more suitable for compost than that of carnivorous animals such as cats and dogs. Feed your young rabbits pellets, and then gradually increase the amount of fresh vegetables and hay you give them. These groups also help educate future pet owners on the proper care and feeding of pet rabbits. With the proper care and feeding of pet rabbits, you can expect your rabbit to become sociable, docile and even huggable.

Look after your rabbit in the right way and you'll be safe in the knowledge that, as well as giving your bunny a great life, you're doing something good for the world! You could also provide a twig from a tree in the garden-however, make it's not poisonous and leave it to dry out for six months first. Both house rabbits and outdoor rabbits need early and continued socialization or they will become skittish, moody, difficult to hold and may bite. Once the rabbit becomes used to her cage, you can leave the door open and she will leave the cage and come back to eat, sleep and defecate once she is housetrained. This condition can ultimately result in a rabbit being unable to eat, so it's best to check periodically and consult your vet if something doesn't look right.
Make sure the vegetables, hay and any outdoor plants your pet may graze on are pesticide free..

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