If you’re having problems getting your kite off the ground or it’s spinning out of control, then try some of this kite-fixit-ideas! If your kite won’t lift off well and flies fairly flat and limply, try moving the point where the kite string attaches to the bridle a bit towards the tail of the kite. If your kite spins or dives uncontrollably to one side then the next, move the bridle attachment point a bit towards the front of the kite, or add a few more ribbons to the tail. Kerry… My first memory was with my dad at the age of 2 years old flying a kite!!Now I fly kites with my son and just last weekend my dad and I flew kites again after all these years. This is a great kite for kids to make because it is easier to make than the traditional kite. A friend of mine had the brilliant idea to launch a Kite Flying Party to celebrate nothing in particular, except recycled materials and wind.

It’s not the prettiest kite in the sky, but it flew the highest and longest for the least amount of money. I highly recommend finding an open field, throwing a kite design contest, or trying to engineer the best flying machine you can muster. Get your daughter to decorate her kite with stickers, markers, paint, or anything else crafty!
But if you’re at the end of your rope trying to control the purse strings, then perhaps it’s time to reach for the sky and get high as a kite! Feel free to get creative by decorating your kite in a unique way using paints, markers, or stickers. Now go grab your friends, your kids, or your grandchildren and take them outside for a fun day of kite flying.

I haven’t flown a kite since summer vacations down the shore with my family as a kid. This will require some experimenting to find the best spot, but start at a point near the top of the kite.
Don't forget the ears and tail of your kite, which will hold it in balance when the wind carries it high. To make the tail of the kite, tie ribbons (tied) about every 4 inches down the string of the kite.

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