The eastern United States has been in a cycle of increased hurricane activity since 1995, a cycle that could continue another 25 years. We're in an active period, so unless there is an El Niño (warm surface water in the eastern Pacific Ocean) that will suppress the hurricanes, we have to assume we'll get hit.
You don't want to have to make decisions about your home, your family and your supplies when the hurricane warning sign is up. Hurricanes cause a lot of rainfall, and tornadoes spin off of hurricanes as well, which means people inland and in Polk County would need to be prepared.

They have the other three hurricane threats to deal with, and that of course is hurricane-force winds, flooding and tornados. People who have been impacted by the fringe of the hurricane think that's what a hurricane is all about. It points a real ugly finger at the dangers of storm surge in a hurricane and the real need for preparation. Statistically, it's way overdue for a major hurricane, but we don't know if that's going to be 2013, 2015 or later.

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