As we well know from Irene, a hurricane (or it’s remnants) can be a very damaging and dangerous weather situation. Check your insurance coverage to make sure you are covered for wind, flooding, or other possible disasters related to Sandy. Make sure your pets are taken care of too – many shelters do not accept pets, so ahead of the storm you should find someone to take your animals for a few days. Sign up to have exclusive Fanatics contests, events, coupons, presales, and much more delivered to you for FREE.
Check out our store for energy conservation books and online training for energy auditors and other job skills. Scary: An image provided by NASA shows Hurricane Irene from the International Space Station on Wednesday afternoon.
The tide rose 13ft in just one hour and caused the East River to meet the Hudson River across lower Manhattan as far north as Canal Street, which covered all of the modern-day financial district.Then 117 years later in 1938 a Category 3 hurricane killed 10 people in the city, electricity was knocked out from 59th Street of Manhattan up to the Bronx and the subway lost power. Send or email the photos to someone outside the area of the storm for backup, and put them on a portable USB flash drive to keep with you.

Deadly levels of carbon monoxide can quickly build up in these areas and can linger for hours, even after the generator has shut off.
Whether you are in the path of a hurricane or living in an area where tornadoes can occur, our book helps you by giving you clues on what to watch out for and what to do to help your home’s wind resistance.
Secure Outdoor Furniture: Loose items in your yard can become flying projectiles during a hurricane due to high winds. A visual record of your processions and the condition of your home prior to the hurricane will be invaluable when dealing with insurance claims. With a hurricane, you need to take some steps to help protect your home, before you evacuate.
Move Cars to Safety: Cars are often damaged or destroyed by falling trees or windblown debris during a hurricane. Today, she and husband Ken care for about an acre in York County, Va., where most of her plants are native species meant to attract bees, butterflies and birds. This advancing surge combines with the normal tides to create the hurricane storm tide, which can increase the mean water level to heights impacting roads, homes and other critical infrastructure.

The National Hurricane Center in Miami said that the storm is expected to strengthen in the next 24 hours. Make Ice: Power is often disrupted for days or weeks after a hurricane, and ice to keep food from spoiling will be in short supply.
Severe damage to your home from a hurricane can cause a short or power surge in your electrical system, and may also result in ruptured water or gas lines. Use the water in the bathtub to fill the tank on your toilet for flushing or for washing in the aftermath of a storm, but not for drinking. Bring mattresses from beds with you, bot for comfort and for use as protection in case your home suffers severe structural damage.

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