There is plenty of information available on the Internet and in equine publications on the subject of emergency prevention and preparedness for your horses.
Start with listing those items that you already have on hand when working on your first aid checklist. At the very least you should probably have a good first aid kit for your barn, and another one for your trailer, if you travel very much with your horse. You might want to consider breaking your first aid check list into sections, so that you can research and organize it better.
A reputable equine first aid company should readily have on hand all of the necessary supplies that you would need for making your own kit. Likely the final decision on your equine first aid check list will be what type of box or bag you will keep your equine first aid supplies in. It’s all about organization of the supplies for your equine first aid check list, and protection of those supplies, in your choice for container for your horse’s first aid kit. Thank you for providing the dual list for both horses and riders; they provide some good basics. The levels of 'push back', misinformation and poor initial uptake on the Hendra virus vaccine is a disappointing response from Australia's horse owning sector. Some horse supplies are necessary, and some are more or less comfort products – either for you or your horse. You can make no other more beneficial or higher return investment than a complete equine first aid kit from EquiMedic USA, the leader in the world design and manufacture of equine first aid kits.

Equine veterinarian, Dr Tessa Muir, puts together an essential first aid kit and a guide on how and when to use it. And then you spend that money that you intended to use to care for your horse’s health needs instead, on comfort items; on seemingly immediate gratification purchases for your horse supplies list. Emergency Preparedness is important for all Horse Owners – making sure your barn has a well-stocked First Aid Kit for horses (and humans).
These days someone always has a cell phone handy – but to be safe, write down the location of the closest landline near the First Aid Kit.
Don’t forget to laminate the Checklist and attach it to your First Aid Kit, for easy inventory checks. Horses seem to find ways to injure themselves; if there is anything sharp within their reach, they will inherently find it and injure themselves on it. The next decision should be if you want to make up your own first aid kit, or if you want to take advantage of a kit that has been professionally designed for horses. A hard sided plastic open market tote for smaller kits will keep out dust and moisture in most cases, but won’t take the abuse and punishment that a soft sided kit bag will.
For many novice prospective horse owners, the exercise of buying their dream equine can turn out to be a costly nightmare. Kits are available in various sizes of Trailering, Barn, Trail Riding, Professional and Economy. Either way, you should have a strong working knowledge of what you should have on that first aid checklist.

Part and parcel of horse ownership is the chance that at some point injuries are on the cards. But they all came in behind the rising star New Zealander making his first attempt at the title. Proceeds go to support programs of the High Country Horse Council, a not for profit organization that seeks to benefit horses by educating people.
The soft died bag should machine wash to nearly like new, fit in many more storage spaces, expand and contract with the amount of supplies, and keep out dust, dirt and moisture.
Doc Alaire's Herbal Healing Salve (all Organic Ingredients): Beeswax, olive oil, calendula, chamomile, comfrey, echinacea, chickweed, thyme, tea tree oil, and naturally acquired Vitamin E.*Good for both horse and rider! You find yourself gravitating to the horse supplies section of every farm and ranch supply store, every feed store, tack store, and country supply store in your normal locale, plus any new ones that come into your view as you travel.
How you prioritize your horse supplies often becomes a challenge when what you really want to do is keep buying the comfort items – the ones on your horse supplies list that help you to feel happy and fulfilled to be able to offer to your ever faithful horse.
Your equine first aid kit, and the supplies to keep it fully stocked, should occupy the top position always on your horse supplies list.
With ten years of expertise in the field of equine first aid, EquiMedic USA, offers ten complete, turnkey and life saving kits, as well as a line of disposable mini wound care kits, to responsible and caring horse owners all over the world.

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