Your pay for homeland security careers will depend much more on individual factors such as education level, experience, and rank. If you want to start out higher on the homeland security salary scale (GS scale), it is recommended that you obtain a degree in homeland security, a criminal justice program, or one related to your homeland security position.
United States Border Patrol & Customs departments are charged with protecting and securing our borders. For more information about the Metalith blast mitigation and anti-ram physical security barriers, please request our FREE BROCHURE by mail.
Following Judge Susan Bolton's decision to block the controversial portions of the Arizona immigration law, conservative media have claimed that Arizona passed the law because the federal government is refusing to enforce immigration law and secure the border, but this rhetoric -- which directly echoes that of Republican politicians -- bears no relation to the facts.

Within each job title, the potential salary could be lower or higher than the average amounts given depending upon the important determining factors already discussed. It's impacting states like Arizona, Texas, California, and others, and the president is not doing his job in securing the border.
Politico stated that the Obama administration "tripled the number of intelligence analysts along the southwest border" and "sent in new canine teams." The Department of Homeland Security announced these increases in March 2009. If all you did was try to secure the border, then that's a false sense of security, because illegal immigration is about employment.
Although, in general, our economy is struggling, homeland security jobs are expected to remain in high demand; national security is among the highest priorities of our government and a slowed economy should not impact job opportunities at DHS and it's many arms.

Obama requested and got $600 million for border security and unmanned surveillance drones Rick Perry I love Jesus more then anyone and I have the biggest flag pin Raises Predator Drones As Possible Border Security Solution the campaign trail speaking to the legions of people missing chromosome or two. Hay Rick rimes with D*** -Obama has put Predator Drones on the Border.
Budget data from the Department of Homeland Security compiled by America's Voice, which advocates for comprehensive immigration reform, show that the budgets for Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement increased under Obama: Obama admin. We've been receiving funding for border enforcement security task forces, BEST task forces.

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