Knowing the basics of how your well water system functions is important when selecting a water treatment system because if the wrong type of treatment system is used, it can adversely affect the water pressure and flow rate inside the home.
A home water system has two important components in addition to the well itself – a pump and a pressure tank. Additional storage: Some well owners like to make arrangements for additional water storage tanks.
For more help on selecting a well water treatment system, fill out our System Selector Form.

For example, if the well uses a pressure tank, a water treatment system must be installed after the pressure tank, to avoid causing damage to the well pump. Or find a water well contractor in your area by looking in your local telephone directory.  Many states maintain lists of licensed or registered well drillers.
Most states also have state water well associations, state well driller associations or state ground water associations. Booster pumps are to be installed after a storage tank, if your pumping installation is not properly planned, you will not receive satisfactory water service.

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