We would like to thank everyone for their suggestions and have compiled a list of the top 101 pieces of Survival gear our readers carry with them. This is a list of what our readers find most important to them, and is in no way a list of what we think you should or shouldn’t carry.
I dont mind them listing the bible but I think they should just generalize it to books for moral. I’ve packed the pocket edition of the SAS Survival Guide and a book on edible native plants instead as logic would dictate. Or like the first guy said leave the bible to make room for more useful things in a survival situation .
Actually, it’s not a bad idea to have a bible in that list because it would give you a heck of a lot of kindling to start a camp fire! I would assume after reading all those who question your concern about bring the Bible, I would think it would be for the same reason that Playing Cards are listed. Yes, you are correct that that a bible wont help you hunt or fight off animals but it can help you survive if you use it correctly.
The very reason everyone is making a survival kit and looking at this list, is from the very things that the bible warned us about… Pestilence, Famine, natural disasters! In a survival situation, any fuel consuming device is a bad idea unless you have the money and proper long term storage for fuel, even with this your fuel supply will run out or fail. Preparing a home survival kit before an emergency is the way to make survival more of a reality.
The above items are the first things that people consider when planning a home survival kit. Often if you are warned of a pending emergency, you will not have time to gather all of the necessary items for your home survival kits. Even though you probably aren’t going to have a foreign hit squad on your trail, or Federal agents ready to kick in your door, there are still a number of situations where the Average Joe needs to have a bug-out bag — or a “Get Home Bag” (see below) — packed and ready to go.

So I spoke with Creek Stewart, survival skills trainer, owner of Willow Haven Outdoor, and author of the upcoming book, Build the Perfect Bug-Out Bag: Your 72 Hour Disaster Survival Kit (May 12, Betterway Books), to find out what those situations are, and what we city-dwellers need to have to create an Urban Survival Bug-Out bag that’ll keep us from resorting to “Lord of the Flies”… for 3 or 4 days at least. If you’re forced out of your home and need to survive on your own for at least 72 hours, Stewart says to remember the Core 4 Basic Human Survival Needs: Shelter, Water, Fire and Food – and to make sure your bag covers them all. Stewart says to keep in mind the first bug-out bag you grab may actually be a “Get Home Bag” — providing you the essentials you need to get out of a stricken city and home to your family. Mass chaos and exodus would make getting from work to home very complicated, and a disaster-stricken city is a very dangerous place. So, just as military pilots have a “get-home survival kit” packed in their cock-pit, Stewart recommends having a “Get Home Bag” ready to go at your office or in your car. A Get Home Bag is simply a down-sized version of the Bug-Out Bag designed to do just that – get you home safely. It will be smaller and have fewer supplies — just the necessities to get you through and out of ground zero. Stewart told me having Bug-Out bags at the ready isn’t about becoming a crazy survivalist in the woods or having a bunker mentality.
Survival 101When a storm strikes, stay indoors and avoid strenuous physical activities that might overexert you.
A basic survival item, bottled drinking water should be stocked in abundance, whether you're at home or on the road, going to another secure location.
Some of these items are great for Bug Out Bags and wilderness survival, while others might be better suited for an urban survival situation.
It is in no way a complete list, or a list of things that need to be included in everyone’s stockpile.
But yall should all be worried about survival instead of bashing someone for asking why to carry a bible. You helped alot and i would like tutorials on on survival and a list on how to make shelter…… Im going to be a prepper soon and need more info! And its talking about survival and how to prepare yourself and items and materials one might need in certain situations to survive. It is a good idea to have a monitor radio that you can only listen to all the bands with, this way you can’t be tracked.

Each member of your family should have their own survival kit and know what to do if and when an emergency occurs. If you are in a cold climate, be sure to have enough clothing to keep you warm in your home survival kit.
However, keep plenty of matches and candles at home in case the flashlights or lanterns suddenly give out or run out of batteries. The list of survival gear is presented so you can see what others carry, and to give you some ideas if you’re just getting started in preparedness. I know better than to bring a third of the items listed but inside 2 freezer bags near the top of my pack will be my old KJV. While going through the image and list below, make notes on a notepad or bookmark this article for future reference. If, for any unavoidable reasons, you have to leave your home to go to a more secure location, or are already outside when the storm hits, follow these survival tips. There are a lot of other things on that list like the kit and laptop that r just down right not worth taking. There is everything from medical information (Old Testament) to relationship and survival information and history. So, instead of being caught off guard, it's best to prepare for the worst, and keep the following 11 items in your home to survive a winter storm. He will give you strength and comfort when your supplies run low or you are facing certain death.

Safety steps during a hurricane
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