The only times I've ever heard Sweet Home being discussed was within the context of the survival horror genre.
The game is an adaptation of a Japanese horror film by the same name, which makes Sweet Home an easy candidate for best film-to-game adaptation ever. Sure, "Metroidvania" sounds good, but Sweet Home deserves to be recognized to be the first game to fully realize the potential of a cohesive game world that connects beginning to end (even if Metroid attempted it first). Most of the game's story is conveyed through secret messages, diary entries, and notes laid around the mansion. Another storytelling innovation in Sweet Home is the use of cinematic moments that restrict the player's actions.
Capcom made the most of the system and managed to craft a horror experience unlike any other at the time. Sure, Resident Evil was originally intended to be a Sweet Home sequel, and the games share many elements (even the door opening sequences).
Even though Capcom's 1989 Nintendo classic is the prototype for survival horror, it is in many ways every bit as good as Silent Hill 2 or Resident Evil 2. To do this, the game first builds a map of your home, using the smartphone's accelerometer to gauge the locations of the walls, floors and ceiling.
It's always thrown into survival horror retrospectives, mentioning its influence without really stating what Sweet Home is about or what makes it so special.
The movie itself isn't very good, but it shares the same plot, so watching it would spoil the game. Within a minute, you are in control of the group and thrown into the game without any idea of how it works.
You think surviving off a limited amount of tonics would drive you mad, but the game is so well-designed that you'll always find one when you are on the verge of dying. Sweet Home may not be the scariest game ever (hint: this guy is playing it), but it carries a surreal, unsettling atmosphere despite the limitations of the hardware.

However, Sweet Home should be recognized on its own for being a damn good game with its own unique setting and aesthetic.
It's a strange title that merges so many elements of games we love (Metroid, Resident Evil, Dragon Quest, Maniac Mansion, etc.) that it feels fresh even in 2011. You can follow community members and vote up their blogs - support each other so we can promote a more diverse and deep content mix on our home page.Login to vote this up!
For anyone who got the standalone release, Rivers was careful to assure them that the game will continue to be supported by patches, while players who bought the boxed collector’s edition will receive Steam keys by e-mail. Night Terrors is a survival horror that plays out in the real world.The mobile game, currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, uses your phone's camera and newly developed augmented reality features to turn your home into an AR nightmare. This data is then stored locally on the device, allowing the game to build a custom experience based on the layout of the environment and place monsters right in your home.The player then explores their home, lights out, using only the LED light on the back of the phone to light your way.
If the game doesn't want the player to see or move, it presents a situation where seeing and moving will get the player 'killed,'" Mitchell wrote on Reddit."As an example, the game might kill the LED for story reasons, play heavy breathing sounds (spatialised right behind the player) and have this thing move closer and closer to the player.
I sense I am not alone in blindly accepting its placement in gaming history without looking into its actual value as a game. Like Clock Tower, Alone in the Dark, and survival horror games that followed, Sweet Home is hard to classify. Without looking at a guide or knowing anything prior, I was able to figure things out pretty quickly -- I imagine most players familiar with older adventure and RPG games will have a similar experience. Like Half-Life and Dead Space, Sweet Home does such a great job of drawing out tension by providing health at just the right moment.
I wouldn't say Sweet Home has a particularly original or complex story, but the way it is told is innovative for its time and keeps it from feeling dated. At the same time, important notes can often be vague enough to leave open multiple interpretations of the game's story.
It is best thought of as PlayStation-era, slow-paced survival horror where RPG battles take the place of third-person combat.

The game came out the same day as the film, which makes me wonder just how long the it was in development.
Thankfully, the game has a save anywhere feature -- I can't think of many console games that have this at all, not to mention one from the '80s. I was blown away by it, since I can't think of another game of its era that tried to do anything remotely similar. Every element of Sweet Home works to build a distinct mood to make it a timeless horror classic.
The game gets easier by the end, but the bulk of it requires you to play smart and use tonics sparingly.
I can only imagine how spoiled Japanese gamers must have felt when they want from this to Final Fantasy IV's traditional town and item shop structure -- which Sweet Home doesn't have since it all takes place in a mansion. It's a great storytelling device that pulls you into the game's world and makes you feel vulnerable.
The minimum pledge on Indiegogo is $5, for which you'll get a copy of the game on iOS (Android and Windows Phone development is to follow, hardware allowing), with an estimated delivery sometime in early 2016.
The same can be said of the game's cutscenes, which depict some gruesome imagery -- there is a reason this never came to the West!
He has posted many tests on his YouTube page as he works out the bugs.The game is also designed to predict the behaviour of the player, where they'll go and what they'll do next, and manipulating them to go in certain directions.
Stop having fun.AvtrSpiritA 2-d hovercraft platforming exploration game just came out today.

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