Use only the correct fuel for heat: aged wood in fireplaces and wood stoves and only kerosene in kerosene heaters. Keep anything that can catch on fire (oven mitts, wooden utensils, food packaging, towels, etc) away from your stovetop. Cooking is the leading cause of home structure fires and fire injuries, and kitchens are the leading area where fires start. Read the manufacturer’s instructions and safety warnings for all appliances and follow them closely. Review product safety complaints for the appliances you have in your kitchen to assess potential hazards. If your home or business in San Francisco has been damaged in a fire, do not hesitate to contact ServiceMaster of San Francisco as soon as the fire is extinguished. We can be reached 24 hours a day at (800) 439-8833. As winter is getting closer, if you enjoy the occasional fire in your wood-burning fireplace or if you heat rooms in your home with a wood stove, you must keep in mind that heating equipment is also one of the leading causes of home fires during the winter months. Have your chimney, stove and vents inspected and cleaned by a certified chimney sweep every fall just before heating season.
Use a mesh metal screen or glass fireplace doors to prevent embers from shooting out of the fireplace. If your heater is old, consider replacing it with a new model that has more current safety features, such as tip-over protection (these heaters shut off automatically if they happens to fall over). Install and maintain smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms (CO) outside each sleeping area and on every level of the home.
Check back with us for more safety tips and don’t forget to like us on Facebook to get our notifications! PuroClean is a leading commercial and residential restoration franchising company.  Founded in 2001, the company offers fire and water cleanup and restoration services, mold mitigation and remediation, and biohazard cleanup and removal throughout the United States and Canada through its franchise network of 240 offices. Soon you may need to fire up the furnace so it is important to have your system professionally inspected, cleaned and serviced. Having working smoke alarms in your home give you precious time to escape a home fire alive.

November, December and January account for a larger percentage of residential structure fires than any other months in the year. The Spotlight will highlight topics spanning industry news, safety, product and equipment reviews, codes and much more! Preventing arc flash accidents or minimizing their impact requires a comprehensive safety program, involving both electrical workers and management. Three out of every five home fire deaths happen in homes where there are no smoke alarms present, or no working smoke alarms.
By having a working smoke alarm, the chances that it will wake up the occupants of the home and allow them to get out safely, is greatly increased! Water activities are great ways you can cool off and keep active during these next few months, which makes this is the perfect time to remind our fellow readers about the simple tips that we all easily forget on the long wait to summertime. Similar to house fires and natural disasters, a power outage will come when you're least expecting it. Being safe doesn't only prevent yourself from harm, it prevents your work family from being harmed as well. People are at a greater risk of electrical fires in the winter months, from the lights in and outside of your house, to the cooking in your home, and even unsafe heat sources. Since a house down the street from me busted into flames last week, it got me wondering what measures need to be taken in my home, to prevent that from happening. FEMA and states that heating equipment is involved in 1 in every 7 reported home fires and 1 in every 6 home fire deaths. If you are remodeling your house or buying a new home, you should have it inspected by an electrician as well.
If you have a portable heater in your home, make sure to keep it in a secure place with nothing around it and never use an extension cord for the heater. Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue provides a list of publications on its website for business owners to better prepare for disasters. Pick a safe and easy-to-remember spot outside your home where you will meet your family after you get out.

Unfortunately, candles can lead to home fires when they are left unattended and ignite nearby combustibles. If the power strip or extension cord overheats it could be very dangerous and can cause a fire! That’s why we have regularly documented safety training on electrical hazards in the work environment. From being safe in the workplace, watching your surroundings at night, wearing the proper attire, and locking your doors to prevent a break in. The heater is great for keeping you warm, but it comes with consequences (if you don’t know what to do to ensure they are in fact safe).
The months that heating fires occur in half of the time are in December, January and February. Everyone in the home should know ways to escape if something unfortunate like this happens. Check for shouldering cigarettes under cushions of couches and chairs before you go to bed or leave your home.
As the weather beings to change, here are some helpful fire safety reminders from the Asheville Fire Department.
Have any alternative heating sources checked out as well, such as fireplaces and wood-burning stoves. Each one detects a different type of fire – but since no one can predict what type of fire may start, the USFA recommends that every home install both types of alarms or a dual sensor smoke alarm.
Arc flash is one of the more dramatic electrical accidents, and is often deadly where proper safety precautions have not been taken.

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