Good news for those who like period drama - PBS has announced that World War II-set series Home Fires will be part of the Fall Masterpiece lineup this year! Acclaimed British actresses Francesca Annis (Cranford, Jane Eyre, Wives and Daughers) and Samantha Bond (Downton Abbey, the Pierce Brosnan era of Bond films) lead an impressive ensemble cast that includes Ruth Gemmell, Mark Bonnar, Claire Rushbrook, Mark Bazeley, Frances Grey and Ed Stoppard.

The six-part series follows a group of inspirational women in a rural Cheshire community with the shadow of World War II casting a dark cloud over their lives. It’s already been renewed for a second season by ITV so, unlike some recent series we’ve seen that met unfortunately early ends (The Crimson Field springs to mind, for example) we can go into this one knowing it’s okay to get attached.

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