To keep your home safe from fire, be sure to have your fireplace and furnace inspected annually in the fall. Another way to keep your home safe from fires is by installing fire resistant materials, such as Roxul stone wool insulation.
To make your home even more energy efficient, consider replacing your water heater with a more energy efficient type, such as a gas tankless model. Now, technology can help you keep an eye on your home and an ear on your home, because Kidde has provided these great remote link systems that are available right now. Another thing you can do to make your home a little more fire resistant is to purchase fire resistant materials. PlanItDIY is a source for inspiration, ideas and how-to advice to help you plan and complete your DIY projects and connect you with your local independent home improvement retailers. According to the National Fire Protection Association, each year approximately 400,000 house fires are reported. A combination smoke and carbon monoxide detector is one of the best ways to ensure your family’s safety.
PlanItDIY is a source of inspiration, ideas and how-to advice that helps consumers plan and complete their DIY projects and connects them with local independent home improvement retailers. PlayIn this video Certified Chimney Sweep Jerry Neal discusses how to build a fire in a fireplace. As wintry nights arrive, along with cold-weather holidays, families gather indoors to enjoy the cozy warmth of crackling fires.
In fact, chimney fires represent one of the most common causes of structure-destroying residential fires in the United States.
Fortunately, most chimney and wood stove fire disasters are preventable, if a few proper safety and chimney maintenance precautions are taken. Here are 12 tips for chimney and fire safety, so families can relax without worry around home fireplaces for holidays and everyday gatherings.
The Chimney Safety Institute of American (CSIA) offers a certification program for chimney sweeps.
A dirty, ash-filled fireplace bed makes it difficult to build a proper fire, and it can also be quite hazardous.
Spare kindling, stacks of newspaper, holiday decorations, and other household goods do not belong next to a working fireplace. This helps to minimize the dangers of a chimney fire, while directing heat into the home to warm inhabitants. Fresh-cut green wood, wet logs, and sappy pine branches can be dangerous for burning in a home fireplace and may lead to harmful buildup inside the chimney as well.

Of course, it’s important to be extra careful when adding logs to an existing fire, to prevent personal injury or toppling of burning wood or embers. A glass-doored fireplace needs to be well ventilated while in use to encourage proper burning and direct the smoke upward. Below are a couple of excerpts from commercial aviation authorities discussing fire and smoke in aircraft during flight.
Fire in the air is one of the most hazardous situations that a flight crew can be faced with. On 22 August 1985, British Airtours Flight 28M caught fire on the runway after an engine failure on takeoff, the engine failure punctured a fuel cell and caused a massive fire that killed 52 of the of the 131 passengers aboard.
Fire Fighter Training lecture from the NIST and UL about the tactical considerations of ventilation.
By watching the time lines of these fires realize just how quickly temperatures get to thousands of degrees, and how thick smoke gets in minutes. Keep other doors in the house closed as much as possible, it slows the fires progress and its access to oxygen.
Once you open a window or a door the fire may grow quickly or even flash over (explode) so be prepared to exit quickly once you let the air in. Buy a can of Cold fire and keep it in your sleeping area, it can be used as a thermal insulator. Thank you to Prevention Connection for sharing this information with Unique Fire Safety Ltd.
Fire Captain Harry Fast (retired) has created this video to help educate people on home fire safety. Please watch this video, and take fire seriously, The fire department probably won’t make it to your house in time to save your life.
Whether its Fire, Earthquake, Chemical leak, Terror attack or any other type of disaster; trained fire wardens save lives. Owner and founder of National Life Safety Group Jason Reid is one of the most respected and knowledgeable experts in the field. I love the videos on the site from real fire victims, they make me want to work harder and do more to help Capt Fast achieve his goal. Capt Fast is working with the Burn fund, please check out his website and the stunning videos.
Planning to Survive a Fire in your home can make the difference between making it out alive or not.
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People across the country are firing up their fireplaces and their furnaces to keep their family nice and warm. As the lightswitch flipped on your eyes immediately home in on the mouse scurrying behind the refrigerator. A skilled chimney sweep can repair structural cracks or other problems before they become fire hazards. Cooled ashes should be shoveled out, soaked down with water, and tossed in a safe trash receptacle at least a dozen feet from the home.
All too often, foreign matter and unwelcome creatures fall or fly into chimneys and begin to burn when fires are lit.
A sealed flu restricts airflow, sending smoke and possibly sparks or embers into the home, instead of up and out through the chimney. Skip the plastics, household trash, corrugated cardboard, and ink-laden junk mail for in-home fires. A fire should be completely doused, unless it has burned itself out, before the last adult retires for the evening or departs from the home.
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Without aggressive intervention by the flight crew, a fire on board an aircraft can lead to the catastrophic loss of that aircraft within a very short space of time. How does ventilation cause fires to grow and be pushed and what are the effects on hot gasses and searing temperatures that can be quickly increased or decreased depending on the way you combine suppression and ventilation.
He not only comes at this from a professional fire fighters point of view, but also as a family member who lost an uncle in a tragic blaze as well.
Once a fire has become established, it is unlikely that the crew will be able to extinguish it. Not only am I protected when traveling, but while staying in foreign hotels with less reliable fire safety. It will not only make your home safer and safer for your family by being more fire resistant, it also will increase your energy efficiency of your home.

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