Get your American Red Cross Emergency kit for First Aid, Earthquake, or General Preparedness for any Disaster or CPR need!
This included teaching people about fixing appliances to walls, how to get drinking water and preparing first-aid kits and putting them in an easily accessible place, he says.
In Tonkin's home, he now has four fire extinguishers, while there are also first-aid kits, torches, emergency food supplies and cookers spread about his house and cars. Survive-it's specialty range of small office kits are designed for offices with small staff numbers and contain carefully selected quality equipment that will work when you need it to.
Lifepac's emergency survival kits have been designed by emergency management specialists.All items are packed securely in 1 Deluxe Hikers Backpack which contains extra space available for your personal items and 20 litre Bucket with Toilet Seat Lid.
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Our American Red Cross Developed Emergency Preparedness Packs come in two sizes, Large and Medium, and come many styles with Backpacks, Multi-Pack Modular designs, Wall Dispenser Rack Stations, and more.

We have designed and compiled emergency survival kits for homes, cars, offices and schools which concentrate on the essential products in order to assist you and your family to survive for 3 days in an emergency. The Environment Southland 2012 Residents' Opinion Survey, carried out by Versus Research, asked 600 people throughout the region about their preparedness, and found the top three emergency supplies people have ready were: non-perishable food (69 per cent), a torch (51 per cent) and bottled water (50 per cent). They also include a sufficient amount of carbohydrates and calories to prevent dehydration. This lightweight emergency bar is perfect for traveling, camping, hiking, and disaster preparedness kits. Being prepared for an emergency is one of the key messages that civil defence tries to reinforce to the public.
The results were discussed at this morning's Civil Defence Emergency Management Group meeting at Environment Southland.
This poster shows the types of items that people should keep in a home emergency survival kit. This survival backpack has detachable used blow guns in Southeast Asia 8 different ways to make homemade.

A survey which looked at Southlanders preparedness for a civil defence emergency shows while 56 per cent of people have items stored around the house, only 34 per cent have an emergency kit ready to go. Emergency Management Southland manager Neil Cruickshank said it was good news that people had supplies of bottled water and canned foods in their household, it was disappointing only 38 per cent had an emergency plan in place. This four person small office kit contains all the tools and equipment needed in an office environment during a civil defence emergency, as recommended by the Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management.

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