Device with which to dig an emergency snow shelter discourage EMP heat emergencies signs and symptoms attack has to be tight. The nature of the condition Hyperthermia & Hypothermia Exposure to heat or cold in excessive amounts can have severe effects on the human body.
The nature of the condition The main forms of Hyperthermia Heat exhaustion Heat exhaustion is typically brought on by an exposure to excessive heat for a long period of time. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. The two extreme temperatures of heat and cold are known as Hyperthermia , meaning hot or high body temperature, and Hypothermia , meaning cold or low body temperature.

It is actually a form of shock, although only mild, and is caused by a loss of fluid and salt.
Symptoms: pale and sweaty skin that is generally moist and cool, weakened pulse and rapid heart rate, normal body temperature.
It causes blood to merge in the skin in an attempt to rid itself of excess heat, which is why those suffering from heat exhaustion appear flushed.
Heat exhaustion is most commonly suffered by those who have been exercising, or working in excessive heat. Hypothermia Hypothermia is extremely cold body temperature and is often caused by exposure to cold, wind, rain or submersion in water.

Other risk factors include young and elderly people, hot and humid climates and unsuitable clothing.
Heat fatigue Painful muscle cramps due to long exposure to heat usually in the abdomen, arms or legs.
Risk factors for heat stroke include athletes, infants and children in closed cars, the elderly, ill people and unfit and overweight people.

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