Traditional disaster recovery is a complex endeavour, involving expensive capacity planning and cutover (switch-over) systems that meet the demands of business. Disaster Recovery traditionally relates to preserving the technology and information critical to an organization by setting up a remote Disaster Recovery location that takes regular backups, This alternate location can then ensure your business's continuity and support business function when calamity strikes.
The Traditional SAP Disaster recovery solutions require customers to maintain dedicated hardware and resources as well as manage a complex recovery process. No Upfront Hardware costs WFT Cloud will not charge customer for the hardware they don't use during normal operations, there is no upfront cost of the hardware, customer only pay for the resources what they use during normal operations and during DR. Copyright © 2012 Best Template Collection, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. There are certain methods to creating a solid disaster recovery plan that every IT manager should follow.
This is the heart of your disaster recovery plan and should include as many pictures, data flows and diagrams as possible.
In the interrogation stage of the disaster recovery plan, you begin to ask questions, fill in the gaps and ultimately gather the knowledge points that currently reside with the key players in your organization. A scope statement, process layering, interrogation and a contact list become the skeleton of your DRP document, and you can use the document for more than just a DRP plan to have on file. The Disaster Recovery Guide is intended to be a launch pad for those seeking help with the business continuity planning process. Traditional DR is largely not affordable by businesses, specially small and medium sized as it involves duplicating the hardware infrastructure which will be hosted by a service provider in their facility.
WFT Cloud's SAP RaaS solution provides customers with a reliable, highly flexible, scalable, simple and predictable low cost Disaster Recovery Solution.
No Hardware Maintenance Costs WFT cloud will not charge for maintenance of the DR hardware, we only charge for the resources customer use.
The scope of this plan is to define the recovery steps in the event of a domain controller failure.

The key to the process layering diagram is in building a complete high-level picture of the scope of the Windows disaster recovery plan. The easiest way to create your disaster recovery document is to start with a framework and then address the details.
The DRP Template contains the detail work plan steps required in the production of a disaster recovery plan. Creating a disaster recovery plan is considerably simplified by use of this template and guide. Once your original site has been restored after the disaster, you can simply stop paying for the cloud servers. WFT Cloud as a part of the contract will design, build and implement the DR Solution for the customer's SAP environment, also will manage the Disaster Recovery process in case of a disaster. No Support Costs WFT Cloud offers the RaaS for customers as a fully managed service, there will be no additional cost for the SAP system support during testing and Disaster.
The scope of this plan is to recover from a loss of SQL Server 2005 Integration and Analysis Services.
You can use this Business Continuity Plan Template (48 page Word, 12 Excel spreadsheets, with its free Business Impact Analysis, and Damage Assessment Report templates to recover quickly and effectively from an unforeseen disaster or emergency. Organization deployed SAP to manage their business processes depends heavily on the availability of the SAP environment even in the event of a Disaster.
Pay-As-You-Use Model Customer will pay for the replication and storage during normal operations and only will be charged for resources during real disaster scenario.
Highly Scalable The Cloud Infrastructure provides the customers flexibility to add and remove resources during disaster. These steps will help overcome any writer's block that comes with the seemingly overwhelming task of creating a document such as a disaster recovery plan. This BCP provides templates, checklist, forms, and guidelines that cover all functions required in Business Continuity Planning.

This process turns out to be not only expensive, but also time consuming and recovery time going upto days. Don't forget to include contacts for the business layer -- they will ultimately have to sign off that any recovery efforts were successful.
These include preparing risk assessments, mitigating against potential crises, procedures to handle the disaster recovery phase, and organizing testing, training and maintenance instructions for keeping the plan up-to-date.
With our cloud based disaster recovery services, the DR site is up and running immediately, whereas the physical DR site may take much longer time (even a few hours) to take over from the main site in the event of a disaster. Also, since our DR site is up and running within minutes of the main site being hit by a disaster, chances of data loss are significantly reduced. The complexity and integration with other business systems make the design, implementation and maintenance of SAP disaster recovery solutions expensive and complex. The customer also will also have to test these complex processes and procedures to validate the recovery plan time to time. WFT have decade of experience in designing and implementing SAP Disaster Recovery solutions. Customer will have a fully Managed SAP DR solution and will only pay for a fraction of the Disaster Recovery charges compared to Traditional DR Solutions.
WFT will estimate and communicate the cost of the solution to the customer at the beginning of the project, customer will be charged portion of the actual cost during regular operations and customer will be charged for the resources only during the real disaster scenario.

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