Britain's Home Office said Sunday its website was temporarily unavailable overnight, and hackers are claiming responsibility for shutting it down. The Home Office and Ministry of Justice websites were both operating normally Sunday morning.
An anti-Israel hacker group is planning a new round of cyberattacks on Israeli websites on September 11. The group has released a list of Israeli online targets, including numerous government websites, on Internet forums used by the Anonymous Collective.
MANILA, Philippines—Several government, civil society and other private websites were defaced Wednesday night by an unidentified hacker calling itself “Anonymous Philippines” in protest of the recently enacted anti-cybercrime law. As of Wednesday midnight, the website of Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas, Metropolitan Waterworks and Sewerage System, the American Chamber of Commerce, and the Philippine Anti-Piracy Team succumbed to the cyber-attacks. The hacker demanded the revision of the law, adding that new technologies were giving people new opportunities to connect with a lot of people not only in this country but all over the world. Cyberwarriors in Tunisia and China have reportedly joined forces with al-Qaeda hackers in order to attack United States government websites.

The Hackers Post say the people involved provided a screenshot which shows the execution of vulnerability, and additionally call the exploit an embarrassment for the Department of Defense. Digital Constitution was launched in 2013, after Edward Snowden started making the headlines with stunning revelations about surveillance programs going on in the United States, with Microsoft using the website not only to express its views on this approach but also to convince customers that it did whatever was possible to protect them. The website says that hackers with both the Tunisian Cyber Army and the AQEA have also breached an official Pentagon subdomain using a similar assault. The hackers also claim they attacked Britain's Ministry of Justice website Saturday night and warned of further attacks every Saturday to come on U.K. AnonGhost, protesting Israeli policies toward Palestinians, urges its followers to vandalize and flood Israeli websites with traffic, Al-Alam reported. The group has called on members to vandalize Israeli websites or cause traffic that would prevent access to these sites.
The websites of the anti-smoking campaign unit of the Department of Health and think tank Institute for Development and Econometric Analysis followed suit, bringing to six the number of websites attacked.
A SQL injection is one of the most commonly employed techniques used by hackers and involves inputting malicious code into entry fields on website forms in order to wreak havoc.

But it turns out that, in its rush to convince customers to do that, Microsoft actually forgot to do it on its own servers, as a website that was designed to help the company express its views on the US government surveillance programs got hacked this morning.
Earlier today, however, the website was displaying unusual content in the top frame that appeared to be coming from an online casino, while the upper side of the website was full of hidden keywords that are usually implemented to rank better in search engine results.
This left a question to the Pentagon web security team that such a common [cross site scripting] flaw exists in their server,” writes the website’s Nauman Ashraf. The Home Office confirmed that its site was temporarily inaccessible Saturday night, saying it is aware of reports that its website may have been the subject of "an online protest." It added that it will be monitoring the situation closely and declined to provide more details on what caused the site to choke. Microsoft moved very fast to clean the website after it got injected with the casino code, so the page is now up and running in the standard form, with no malicious content.
In that instance, a cross site scripting exploit was launched in order to hack the website for the Army National Guard.

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